About the Author

My life’s journey has taken many twists and turns, the forks in the road have afforded opportunities to choose, and sometimes I chose wrongly. Journeys are meant to grow us, expand who we are and illuminate the wisdom from within, the wisdom of Divine Love. Each of us is an extension of Divine Love Energy. How we choose to express the Divine Love within is unique to each spirit living in a body and having a life experience. Through soul searching, research, and listening to the voice of Love within and others in my life, my writings and the conclusions I have come to are a culmination of all the above.

I am not a scholar, I don’t have degrees on my wall, or letters behind my name save for my career choice (RN), but even that is changing. I want to write full-time, to take my passion for writing to the next level, and Bridging the Divided is a step in that process. I want to help others who are searching for God, apart from organized religion, to listen and trust the wisdom within. My children and I are survivors of domestic violence and as such I am passionate about helping those in abusive situations to find their voice and rebuild the spirits their abusers have attempted to destroy. And, I am also passionate about dogs, specifically about licensing and regulatory oversight of the grooming industry. As a reader, you will find out why. So, the posts on Bridging the Divided will be about journeying with Divine Love, sometimes about domestic violence, and about dogs; an odd combination and yet intertwined. Bridging the Divided is about the outward expression of Divine Love.

I expect some to disagree with me, some to like what they read. My goal is to get people thinking outside the box; for some that will be taking the first steps in establishing a relationship with Divine Love apart from the church and organized religion, others may take the opportunity to expand their journey, and still others may be challenged to reevaluate long held beliefs about God, domestic violence, and even dogs.