About the Author

This has been a journey for me. The journey began from my earliest memories of going to church with my mom and grandparents, attending Sunday School, youth group, accepting Yeshua as my Savior when I was 20 years old, attending a variety of non denominational churches, doing my own research and soul searching bringing me to present day. The conclusions I have come to are a culmination of the above.

I am not a scholar, I don’t have degrees on my wall, or letters behind my name save for my career choice (RN). What I do have is a passion to know God and to help others know Him in an intimate and meaningful way separate from, in many cases, what the “church” commonly teaches.

I expect some to disagree with me, some to like what they read. My purpose is to get people thinking outside the box; for some that will be taking the first step on their own journey with God and His Son Yeshua (Jesus), for others to deepen their relationship, and perhaps others will be challenged to reevaluate long held beliefs.