About the Blog

What is Bridging the Divided? Cool name, I think, anyway. Bridging the Divided is for people who don’t fit into the traditional church, but don’t know what alternatives are out there. Bridging the Divided is also for people who want to journey with God, but are hesitant about “New Age” philosophy. It seems like there is a chasm between Christianity and New Age philosophy, but is that accurate? I don’t believe it is. What I do believe is that we are each on a journey; a journey to understand the world we live in, how we fit into the world, who we are individually and collectively, and how all of this relates to God and what we are to learn while we are here.

I am a rebel, kind of. I never liked the moniker “Christian’, and I don’t like ‘New Ager’ either. Both have negative connotations associated with them. Why do we even need to have a label? We don’t. I call myself a spiritual seeker. Anyone who wants to journey with God, or understand more about themselves and how this whole thing called ‘life’ works, is a spiritual seeker. Plain and simple.

Bridging the Divided is dedicated to looking at the Bible from a spiritual perspective, understanding the book we know as the Bible has been massaged many times over, yet maintains its spiritual roots when we allow our spiritual eyes to open…..