Bridging the Divided

You are likely Yorkie crazy if…..

You are likely Yorkie crazy if…..

  • You talk to your dogs as if they understand every word you say because they do!
  • You explain to them you will be back as soon as you can
  • You worry about how they are doing while you’re grocery shopping or running errands
  • Your Yorkie’s wardrobe is larger and more fashionable than yours
  • You sleep in contorted, uncomfortable, and anatomically compromised positions so they are comfortable and get a good night’s rest
  • You apologize for disturbing them when you get up during the night to use the bathroom
  • You greet them when you get home before you greet your partner
  • You kiss them good night before you kiss your partner good night
  • You hold an umbrella over them while they potty when it’s raining or snowing outside
  • You are more upset by a bad doggie haircut than when your children got a bad haircut
  • You have to search your phone photo gallery for recent photos of your kids but have hundreds of Yorkie pictures 
  • You bring new toys or treats home every time you go to the store but told your kids ‘no’ because you didn’t want to spoil them
  • You let them sit on your lap when you’re using the bathroom
  • You feel horrible and immediately apologize after attempting to half-heartedly scold your Yorkie but were quick to correct your children without batting an eye
  • You have more “friends” on Facebook Yorkie sites than Facebook friends you actually know
  • You throw birthday parties for your Yorkies
  • Your Yorkies have their own Christmas Stockings
  • You leave the television on their favorite channel when you leave the house
  • You have at least one doggie stroller
  • You spend hours searching for the best dog food options or fresh dog food recipes
  • You are firmly convinced your Yorkie is the cutest Yorkie ever – and you are right!

Most of these apply to everyone who loves and cares for their fur babies like family!

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