Recently, I told someone I was empathic when confronted about my reluctance to join a group gathering related to work. I don’t generally blurt out things like that, but I felt I was being pressured to explain why I wasn’t jumping at the chance to hang with a big crowd of people. It sounds weird, bordering on crazy, but the reality is all people are empathic to a degree – some are more in-tune with their empathic abilities than others.  

There are different kinds of empaths. Depending upon the source, there are anywhere between 7-12 kinds. Online quizzes can identify your empathic type or if you are empathic at all. I don’t put much stock in the quizzes, however. No one fits into a nice, neat category. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all anything. And, as I said, we are all empathic. 

I have elements of a psychometric empath. Sounds a little weird, but it just means that I sense information or get ‘vibes’ from inanimate objects. Ask my husband how many times we have been in antique stores and I feel the emotions attached to objects – especially a collection of objects from one person or family. It’s difficult to describe but I can feel the sadness, sometimes fear, or happiness that resides within the objects. More often than not, it is the sadness or fear that comes through. Years ago, I was in a pottery shop in Mexico, minding my own business, looking over the pottery while my then-husband was bartering. Suddenly, I became nauseous and dizzy and felt as if my body was being crushed from the inside out. As soon as I got out of the shop, the nausea, dizziness, and crushing feeling instantaneously lifted. Another time I vividly remember visiting one of the exhibits at the Smithsonian and was overwhelmed with nausea, dizziness, and the same crushing feeling. I have never been back. It came from the pottery and the displays – not from the people.

I could also easily fall into the category of an animal empath – the person who seeks out the animal in the room vs. the people. Animals possess highly developed intuitive natures and sense when someone understands them.   

And finally, the intuitive empath is likely the closest match. Intuitive empaths intuitively know something without context to the circumstance or situation. And intuitive empaths are excellent people-readers. Over my lifetime, I have become accustomed to hearing myself say something I didn’t know before I heard myself say it. Sounds weird. No one understands that better than me. A couple of the ways this manifests in me, other than in conversation with others is through reading oracle cards and performing Reiki. 

Empaths, or those consciously aware of their abilities, understand that when in a group of people a cacophony of emotions will swirl and color the empath’s emotions and mood. I didn’t always understand why I would suddenly become overwhelmed with emotions in the presence of certain people or groups of people. There have been times the cacophony was so overwhelming I fled from the group as quickly as manners would allow. A good friend refers to it as my fun meter being pegged. That is as good an explanation as any.

Ever experienced any of these or other phenomena you can’t explain? Very likely you are tuned in…..

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