Bridging the Divided

Conversations With My Dogs

“I will be back before you know it. Seriously, I need to run some errands. Don’t look at me like that – it makes me sad.” This is the conversation I have with my Yorkies any time I leave the house. Three Yorkies line up on the sofa with sad brown eyes and look at me as if I am leaving for Mars and won’t return for at least 5 years. After I lock the door and get into my car, the guilt sets in. I think it’s actually worse than when I left my kids with a babysitter!

Another common conversation I have with them almost daily involves Kaiah stealing treats from the other two. Kaiah, notorious for the grab-and-go method of dog biscuit theft, zips in under the radar and stuffs two biscuits into her mouth before she runs and jumps into the dog bed under the TV. My guess is the dog bed is the unspoken home base and off-limits once one is safely within its walls. Two sets of brown eyes look up at me after the biscuit thief strikes putting me in the role of referee. “I’m sorry she took your biscuits, babies. Kaiah! Did you steal their treats again?” I walk over to the dog bed, stand in front of it arms akimbo, and tap my foot. Sheepishly, Kaiah’s eyes meet my stare and she backs away from the biscuits. I bend over to pick them up and return the biscuits to her sisters. Then, I pick Kaiah up. “See this biscuit? This one is yours and you will let Chardonnay and Tasia eat theirs in peace.” She is way too cute for her own good, so it is impossible to be upset with her. I just need to look and act the part. That conversation, however, sounds strangely similar to refereeing minor skirmishes between my three kids battling over toys in the playroom.

During the workweek, while I am tapping away at the computer keys, it is not uncommon to hear Sophie the cat let out a loud meow warning followed by a menacing hiss. “Kaiah! Leave the kitty alone!” Getting up from my computer, I walk into the living room and find Sophie pinned to the floor and Kaiah triumphantly standing on top of her. Mind you, Kaiah is all of 5 pounds. Sophie is closer to 10 pounds and most of it is cat fluff. Kaiah looks up over her shoulder at me and steps off Sophie long enough for Sophie to leap over the doggie gate and safely away from the mighty cat hunter. Again, too cute for her own good. 

“Time for bed, puppies!” Bedtime is much easier with the fur babies than I remember it with the human babies. Two Yorkies trot down the hallway and look back at me, impatience registering in their eyes. Tasia, the Diva Dog, cannot be expected to trot down the hallway as if she were a commoner. I dutifully pick her up, cradle her under one arm, and place her on the bed. Then, I place Chardonnay and Kaiah on the bed. Once they are comfortably situated under the covers, my husband and I contort our aging bodies to accommodate three spoiled and adored Yorkies.

Such are the conversations with our three Yorkies. I talk to them as much as I did to my three kids when they were little. It’s like being a mom of toddlers all over again…..

2 comments on “Conversations With My Dogs

  1. I have Yorkies too! And I have conversations with them a lot! Especially when it’s time to leave lol


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