Bridging the Divided

Desk Puppies

I work remotely from my home office, compliments of COVID. One of our Yorkies is my desk puppy. Chardonnay has a puppy bed on one arm of my desk. Daily, I put her in the bed and she spends her days sleeping. She is a bit overweight and when she sleeps, she snores. Chardonnay has become a conversation piece. While on virtual meetings with my mic open, disembodied voices in cyber-space hear her. Her snoring is comical, I must admit. When someone hasn’t had the pleasure, they ask about the noise in the background. Those who recognize her snoring usually comment. In either case, her snoring lightens the conversation. We share a chuckle and more often than not, I hear anecdotes about their pets. I enjoy the interaction. 

Sometimes the three Yorkies take turns napping in the puppy bed. When I get up to grab a bottle of water or cup of coffee, often they will rise, walk across my keyboard and stand at the end of the desk and peek around the corner. One day, I noticed the electronic medical record, an essential part of my work-life, looked odd. I closed and reopened it. Nothing changed. I restarted my computer, nothing. I asked others in cyber-space if they were experiencing issues. Nope. 

It is a well-known fact electronics and I are not friends – we really aren’t even acquaintances. I tolerate electronic necessity and in exchange, electronics color my days with hazy shades of gray just to irritate me. Fortunately, there were ways around the odd display on the electronic medical record. I still found it irritating. I don’t like to be bested by an electronic tool that seems to revel in my lack of competence. So, I called the IT department. Calling IT is the last resort, in my book, anyway. The people on the other end are usually pleasant, but it takes time away from what I am doing, and I don’t like to admit my lack of competence, even to disembodied voices on the other end of the phone. And, the IT department can access the computer. It’s unnerving to watch as someone I can’t even see toodles their way around my computer screen. On this particular day, the gal on the other end asked me to explain the issue and then accessed my computer. She asked what would happen if I clicked on a little gear button in the program. I didn’t know. IT people are far more adventurous than I am, so I clicked on it. The button opened a tiny window that offered choices for viewing. I chose and voila, the issue was solved. Weird. We chatted a bit and determined it was likely one of my desk puppies had walked across the keyboard while the program was open and changed my view. Clever little buggers…..

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