Bridging the Divided

Mom Had The Right Idea

What is an expert? The dictionary says an expert is a person who has a comprehensive and authoritative knowledge of or skill in a particular area. For the past two years, I have functioned as an infection control nurse and during that time was certified. My field of expertise? COVID. And, to add to my arsenal of overwhelming and ofttimes confusing information from the CDC, Dr. Fauci, and every other COVID expert out there, I now have COVID. Let’s face it, no one is really an expert on COVID because no one, including Fauci and Walensky, has ever encountered this virus before. Just saying. 

In the early days of COVID, no one had any immunity to the novel virus. Today, because of vaccines and natural immunity, or both, COVID is not the killer it once was despite news reports to the contrary. The vaccines are keeping people out of the hospital and off vents. That’s a win in my book. Having said that, COVID is still no picnic. This round, one of the frequent symptoms at its onset is a painfully sore throat. And the fatigue is awful. Moving from the bed to the sofa was challenging. Think of a time you were so exhausted taking a breath was a Herculean effort – now double that.  Let’s talk about breathing. Well, breathing is kind of vital. Because I have asthma, I contacted my doctor as soon as I had an inkling COVID had struck. She prescribed a steroid to help, should I encounter breathing issues, which I did. Still, the slightest exertion caused breathing to become more labored with chest heaviness necessitating a daily use of the rescue inhaler. Muscle and body aches, congestion, and dry cough are all part of the fun, as well. Did I mention COVID fog or COVID brain fog? It’s a real thing. Memory issues, feeling confused or fuzzy in the head. No one knows how long that symptom lasts or if it ever resolves. I guess we shall see. It’s disconcerting at best. 

I have the unfortunate distinction of living in one of the states experiencing the highest number of COVD positive cases since the pandemic started. This week, the county I live in set a record for COVID positive cases – and those are only the ones that were reported. Undoubtedly, the numbers are even higher. Schools are back to closing for a few days or opting for remote learning. No mask mandates were issued, but lots of people still mask when out and about.

The man with a plan sitting in the White House didn’t have a plan as it turns out. Fauci and Walensky are making it up as they go, that’s my take anyway. Staying on top of the latest guidelines is a full-time job and then some. Now the idea is to shorten the quarantine time and send infected workers back to the workplace to keep the doors open. Fortunately, I work remotely otherwise I would be back at the facility. I pity those returning so soon after infection. I couldn’t have done it.  I still worked from my remote office as much as possible, and that was challenging enough.

Overall, the symptoms of the variant that got us and many others, are milder than the original virus when we were all vulnerable – again despite news reports to the contrary. The virus is weakening and most of us now have some degree of immunity. The powers that be keeping the hysteria going want us to believe COVID is as deadly as it ever was. Wrong. Even in our state, the number of positives since the beginning of the year was in the thousands, and of those only 35 died. Chances are they didn’t all die solely because of COVID. 

It’s time to end this pandemic. Remember when we were kids and Chicken Pox was a thing? Before the Chicken Pox vaccine? When our moms found out a neighborhood kid had Chicken Pox we were all sent over to play with the kid with Pox, get exposed, and get it over with. I think we should do the same and get the pandemic over with. Find out who has active COVID in our neighborhoods and have COVID parties. Mom had the right idea. Clearly, any other efforts have failed miserably…..

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