Bridging the Divided

The End Of COVID

I promised myself I wasn’t going to write about COVID this year. But, here I am, a little over one week into 2022. Finally, an ‘expert’ on COVID said during a segment on the national news this is the new norm. COVID is here to stay. Right? As far as I am concerned, the ‘expert’ stated the obvious.  

Another medical expert admitted the COVID vaccine has not and will not eradicate the virus. COVID is not going to go away, and anyone who thought so doesn’t understand the nature of viruses or vaccines. Vaccines help our bodies build immunities thereby reducing the risk of infection. There will always be breakthrough infections. There are breakthrough infections with the flu vaccine and other vaccines. They do not provide 100% protection or immunity, but the idea is to prevent serious, even deadly, illnesses.

Didn’t we, in part, elect a president who said he had the answer to the COVID crisis? I didn’t think he did, and he has since admitted it, sort of.  I am not a political animal by any means, but many put their trust in the man who had a plan. During the campaign he didn’t give us any details; he only peddled hope to the COVID-weary. And here we are, one year later, dealing with a huge surge that is crippling the nation. We are beyond the political posturings and rhetoric. 

Since the beginning of 2022, my son and his girlfriend had COVID. Last week my husband tested positive and now I joined the party. These cases are just within our family. I know others – some are good friends, some are acquaintances, and many work for the same organization I do. Symptoms vary from mild allergy-like symptoms to more serious illness. My son had high fevers along with the other symptoms commonly associated with COVID. His girlfriend fared better, as has my husband, although the headache, body aches, and fatigue still knocked everyone down regardless of symptom severity. We have all had a cough. I am experiencing breathing issues, but none so bad that I require hospitalization. After my husband was diagnosed and I was symptomatic, I called my doctor who prescribed steroids and an inhaler to nip any potentially worsening symptoms in the bud. Those I know currently infected with COVID are vaccinated or vaccinated and boosted. The virus still crossed the lines drawn in the sand. I still believe in the validity of the vaccine.

The news programs continue to lead with the daunting COVID numbers rising across the nation and around the world. The hospitalization and death toll numbers are on the rise – again. Hospital and healthcare personnel are exhausted, many sick themselves, and patients needing ICU level care are stuck in emergency departments waiting on beds, sometimes for days. But, what the news programs are not saying is that there are many more people infected who are experiencing milder symptoms and are at home letting the infection run its course. 

As I write this, I feel my energy waning. The sofa and fuzzy blanket are calling my name. In a bit, my Yorkies will curl up with me and share my fuzzy blanket. But, the good news is we are beating this infection. I believe this latest surge will be the last big hurrah of the once novel coronavirus that thrust the world into the most feared pandemic since the Spanish flu in the early 1900s. COVID is here to stay, but it no longer needs to control our lives.  The light shines at the end of the COVID tunnel…..

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