Bridging the Divided

Password Hell

Passwords. The bane of technology. Frustration for the older generation. When did life get so complicated? I thought computers were supposed to make our lives easier. And life, so it seems, centers around the almighty password.

My husband tells me to use the same password for everything. It makes sense, however, my work passwords change every 30 days or so. I could use the same ones but where is the fun in that? I figure it challenges my aging brain to think of new, creative passwords, usually variations on the previous ones – until I forget what the new, creative passwords are. And now, with the new, upgraded phone and cell service carrier, I am changing passwords – again. Password hell on earth.

A while back I started writing down the passwords and then as I needed to change them, crossed out the previous passwords and added new ones. You can imagine how messy that got after a few changes. There are password something-or-others that electronically keep passwords secure, but what’s wrong with that picture? Firstly, it’s electronic, and secondly, it probably requires a password to retrieve the stored, secure passwords! In the words of young people, “I can’t deal”. 

We are told not to use birthdates, our kids’ or pets’ names, common things cyber thieves can use to hack into our computers. As time marches on and the fog of age penetrates my memory bank, names of pets are something I remember. And that sounds like a plan, except to confound the cyber-hackers, or whatever they are called – basically smart people who need to get a real job – I use combinations of pet names that I can’t recall when I need to enter a password. I hope I’m not the only one out there in cyberland facing this daily conundrum.   

My watch thingy arrived yesterday – the ‘free’ one I got along with upgrading my phone and cell service. Again, no such thing as free. The watch thingy promises to count my steps and heart rate, perform an EKG – for what purpose??? – and keep me connected to texts, calls, and emails when I walk away from my phone. Cool, so now I can load the dishwasher and answer phone calls at the same time by swiping the watch face. I recall using that same action when answering my phone – except now I am talking to my wrist. I feel like James Bond. Remember when the BlueTooth ear things were the rage and people looked like they were walking around animatedly talking to themselves but were really on the phone? This is my opinion, but I think watching people animatedly talk to their wrists looks even more silly. Oh, and my watch tells time, too. Imagine that! 

Need I remind the young upstarts who spend their work lives thinking up ways to continually confound the seniors of our nation, the number of people 65 and over will outnumber children in a few short years? I think it’s time for seniors to unite and think of innovative ways to confound the young…..!

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