Bridging the Divided

Fear-Based Or Love-Based Living?

Christmas is over. A new year is dawning. 2022. Hardly seems possible, does it? What will 2022 bring? I vividly remember the fear and concern many felt at the turn of the century when 1999 effortlessly transitioned into 2000. The world did not shut down, much to the dismay of those who cultivated fear that it would. And here we are nearly 22 years later. The fears of 1999 were replaced with pandemic fears.

Fear is a built-in emotion meant to protect us. It prepares our bodies to deal with real threats. When we are threatened, adrenaline pours into our bodies from the adrenal glands that sit atop the kidneys. The response is often called the fight, flight, or freeze response. Fear, and the body’s response, can become chronic, however. The lines between real and perceived threats blur and we are no longer able to distinguish between the two. In part, this is how PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) is triggered.

Chronic fear takes a toll on our bodies. It weakens our immune systems, damages major organs and organ systems, causes chronic fatigue and inflammation, premature aging, and even death. And this is what I see happening as the airwaves are flooded with the latest COVID statistics, fears surrounding the latest variants, and calls for additional boosters. And, when COVID fears die down, the fearmongers will conjure fear in other areas of our lives. When will it end? Never, but we choose whether or not to let the fear affect us.

Living from a place of fear is a choice. So is living from a place of love. We choose either way. Fear is the opposite of love. Fear is inwardly focused, love focuses outwardly. Fear focuses on self, its insecurities, and lack – the fears fearmongers prey upon. Chronic fear views the world and everything in it negatively. We avoid life to avoid pain and loss. Pain and loss will find us, however. To think otherwise is an illusion. Expending energy to avoid life means we never truly live – we simply exist.

When we choose to live from a place of love, we are choosing to see life and everything in it more positively. We understand that loving is risky business, and yet, if we don’t risk loving, we miss out on life. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, in other words. Living from a place of love, we trust that whatever comes our way will work out for the common good even if we can’t see how all the pieces fit together. 

When we throw a stone into a body of water, ripples are created that become larger and spread outwardly. The same is true of fear and love. The vibrational frequencies related to fear or love released into the atmosphere accumulate. Over time, the ripples become larger and spread outward. Higher concentrations of fear equal higher concentrations of negativity and it spreads like cancer throughout the universe. The result? More depression, hopelessness, despair, violence, and death. Higher concentrations of love will also permeate the atmosphere creating more positivity and people will experience more hope, peace, tolerance, and less disease. What is illness and disease if not dis-ease? Experiencing less dis-ease promotes overall health, stronger immune systems. 

As a new year dawns, many will make resolutions for the coming year. Weight loss goals are commonplace. So are goals related to improving health, getting on track financially, saving for a rainy day, the list is endless. Whatever our goals for 2022 may be, changing from fear-based to love-based living can easily be included. Take a personal inventory of gut reactions to situations thrown your way. How do you typically respond? Do you respond from a place of fear or love? If the answer is fear, develop a plan to change the response. Will daily meditation or prayer help, positive affirmations, sticky notes strategically placed around the house with positive reminders to live from a place of love? There is no right or wrong way. 

Let 2022 be the year we reverse the fear-saturated atmosphere we have lived in since the pandemic began…..

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