Bridging the Divided


In March of 2022, the world will mark two years of the COVID-19 pandemic. People are COVID weary, we are tired of hearing about the latest variant, the need for vaccinations and boosters, and at some level, we fear life will never return to normal. I’m sure those caught in the midst of the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic felt much the same. 

The Spanish flu pandemic infected somewhere in the neighborhood of 500 million people, killed about 50 million, including 675, 000 in the US. Not unlike the modern-day pandemic, towns and cities shut down, and people distanced and masked. What they didn’t have was the technology to create vaccines and medications to limit the ability of the virus to cause severe, life-threatening infections. Eventually, the Spanish flu died down because enough people had been infected and the virus had a more difficult time finding suitable hosts. But, the Spanish flu was not eradicated, and COVID won’t be either. Viruses mutate, by nature, so remnants of the Spanish flu are present in the flu viruses of today. Likewise, COVID will continue to mutate, will eventually quiet down, and become part of the normal ho-hum flu season.

The other thing the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic didn’t have was mass media splashing fear and panic all over our TV, computer, and smartphone screens. Let’s face it, it’s getting old. Is anyone truly listening at this point? Probably not. 

Now, the latest variant, Omicron, hit the scene and the alarm was sounded yet again. What do we know about it? Not much, except that those who have it were vaccinated, or vaccinated and boosted, and as far as we know, experienced mild symptoms. So is there cause for panic? Probably not. Viruses tend to target the very young, the very old, and the infirm. COVID-19 and its many variants do the same. I expect to see an uptick in cases, even deaths, during the winter months, just like we do during any given flu season. And, when temperatures warm again, the number of cases will decrease. 

Do I think people should be vaccinated? Yes, especially those at highest risk. I also think the vaccine manufacturers continue to fan the flames of panic because they are making money and lots of it. I am not opposed to commerce, it’s the way of the business world. What I am opposed to is selling fear, and that’s where we are at the moment. And besides, we are hearing about a new pill that is in development to treat, or at least lessen the severity, of COVID-19. Sounds like it will work something like the anti-virals of today for the flu. I’m in favor of that.

And then there is the controversy about mandating vaccines. Should we? I think the current government went a bit overboard mandating practically every business in America. Some of us, especially those in the healthcare field, are used to vaccine mandates, but still many refused to get the COVID vaccine. I get it, kind of. Some that refused are caring for the sickest of the sick or those in long-term care facilities. Personally, I think frontline healthcare workers should be vaccinated, but like I said, that’s a personal opinion. Now we are seeing courts reversing the government’s mandate. 

I understand objecting to vaccine mandates for most businesses. Typically vaccine mandates are not part of their work lives. What I vehemently objected to was likening the vaccine mandates to wearing yellow stars on their sleeves like the Jews were forced to do during WWII. Really? One of those protesting stated that very thing in a hearing in my hometown. A vaccine cannot be compared to the call for the eradication of an entire ethnic group. The comment was disgraceful, uncalled for, and totally inappropriate. He was reprimanded. Good. 

So now what? Get informed, and not by the conspiracy theorists on Facebook and other social media sites. They are fear mongers, the same as those we see on the national news peddling fear about not getting vaccinated. Get vaccinated or don’t. It’s your choice. Wear a mask or don’t. Herd immunity will take over whether we vaccinate or not. And finally, stop fighting, judging, fear-mongering, and blaming. The bottom line is COVID is a virus. It will die down, eventually. That’s how viruses work…..

8 comments on “COVID Weary

  1. The purpose of the panic-mongering is to create demand for the vaccines.


    • I would agree – to a certain degree!


      • Pharma’s subcontractors looked for stories about individuals who had bad outcomes from covid and pushed them very hard in the mainstream media. They also pushed back hard against stories about individuals who had bad outcomes from vaccines and censored them using “fact checkers.”

        We need a RICO lawsuit against all of pharma’s crooks and stooges.


      • Not surprising, given the state of our world today. Still, there is a virus that has killed and a vaccine that lessens its severity. I understand the controversy and hesitancy, however, I believe in the need to do what is necessary to get past this so we can move on. For better or worse, we need to deal with what is in front of us.


      • The science on vaccine efficacy regarding prevention of disease severity is not reliable because Pfizer and the FDA hid the raw data. Now the FDA is being compelled to release its documents and the raw data doesn’t look good for the vaccines. All the science has relied on cherry picked data, which means that a lot of it has to be pitched and we have to reevaluate based on new data.

        This is the meat for a RICO lawsuit against pharma and its agents and co-conspirators, including the FDA and CDC.


      • As an Infection Preventionist I have seen how quickly the virus kills the elderly. I have also seen much milder infections in our patients who have had the vaccine. I don’t believe in coincidence, so there is some validity to vaccine efficacy -perhaps not much, but when a life is saved that may otherwise have been lost, I support the vaccine. We will see how this plays out. Maybe a RICO lawsuit is in order. Until then, I will continue to do my job and support the vaccine. I appreciate your views – we just happen to see things a bit differently and that is a good thing! We are all navigating unknown waters and have been for the past nearly 2 years.


      • Both the virus and the vaccine kill the elderly. The vaccine just seems to do it a little more quickly and less noticeably.

        Effective, inexpensive antiviral treatments like HCQ and ivermectin cocktails were smeared in order to keep people focused on expensive vaccines which were purchased by the feds and given people at no cost (except their lives).

        There have been a couple of studies about vaccine effectiveness published which have not made the news. The studies show that neither spread nor severity were affected much by vaccines.

        It’s all about pharma $$$.


      • I appreciate your stand on the COVID vaccines and the information you shared. Thank you for your commitment. I think we see things very differently and that’s ok.


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