Bridging the Divided

Dog Sitting and Christmas Movies

Recently I ended up dog sitting for my son and his girlfriend because of a hiccup in their dog sitting plans while they took a short vacation with some friends. A semi-frantic phone call from my son waiting to board their plane, some last-minute arrangements, and off I went with Chardonnay in tow. In its own way, it was a vacation, sort of, for me, too. 

The kids live the young urban professional lifestyle just outside of a major city. Both have great jobs, are successful, talented, intelligent, fun-loving, and attractive. They are also fur parents to two dogs. Together with their like-minded friends, they play adult dress-up and attend cosplay and Renaissance Faire events. It’s their thing. They are two peas in a cosplay pod. Oh, to have the energy of the young! Anyway, back to dog sitting.

I had intended to get some work done during my little quasi-vacay. Technology is not my thing – I’m well past the age of technical intuitiveness if I ever had it, which I didn’t. I couldn’t get my away-from-home office to work, so I needed other things to occupy my time. Not familiar with the area, and having survived the harrowing experience of driving through insane traffic – another thing not a part of my wheelhouse, I didn’t venture out past the driveway once I landed. So, what did I do?

I watched Christmas movies on Netflix and Prime Video. Seriously, I am now hooked! I am not a hopeless romantic and do not normally gravitate toward the sappy, but gravitate I did. The sappier and more unrealistic, the better. Is this part of the aging process? If so, no one warned me. A tear or two even slid down my cheeks when the couple I knew was going to end up together, yet endured every possible roadblock to a relationship, finally got together, and lived happily ever after. Every – single – movie – was the same, with different characters, of course. 

Yesterday, I returned home. My husband and two other Yorkies greeted Char and me at the door. Last night the kids arrived back in their neck of the world. Life is back to normal, whatever normal is. Wait! Did I see a new Christmas movie was added to the Netflix listings…..

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