Bridging the Divided

Yorkies R Us

We belong to several Yorkie sites on Facebook. One of the most common questions I see on the Yorkie sites is a Yorkie fur parent asking if their Yorkie looks like a purebred. If I had paid top dollar for a registered Yorkie only to find out I had been duped, I would likely be upset, too – because of the money, not because of the dog. Dogs are family. There I said it. 

Some question the lineage of their Yorkie because the Yorkie’s ears don’t stand up, or because the dog is larger than the coveted Teacup Yorkie (by the way, there is no such thing as a Teacup Yorkie). Others question the color, attitude, or personality of their Yorkies. Here’s the deal – research the breed before you decide to adopt a Yorkie, don’t decide based on a cute picture someone posted of their Yorkie. Worse are those who want Yorkies as furry accessories or handbag adornments. They are neither and will make certain you are aware of their feelings on the matter. 

We have had five Yorkies – all different, all unique. Chardonnay is blonde, thus her name, plus the fact that I like wine. I consider it a two-for-one. Chardonnay weighs 10 lbs., give or take. Harley was her littermate, much smaller, had the coloring of what most visualize when talking about Yorkies, and definitely her own little fur person. Rowdie, on the other side of forever with Harley, was our only male Yorkie. Feisty, opinionated, and loved by all, Rowdie made friends easily, unless you were one of the mammoth dogs on the other side of the back fence. Anastasia, Tasia for short, and Kaiah are half-sisters and could not be more different. Tasia takes life as it comes, Kaiah makes life happen around her albeit with one of her fluorescent yellow and orange tennis balls nearby, or better yet, in her mouth. One cannot help but chuckle watching her bounce across the yard, tennis ball firmly between her teeth and barking at the same time.

One of the recent questions on a Facebook Yorkie site asked by a new Yorkie owner was how long it would take to potty train their new pup? Those of us in the know laughed. Historically, one of the toughest breeds to potty train is the Yorkie. If you cannot wipe up puddles now and again, please don’t adopt a Yorkie. Many Yorkie parents use potty pads, as do we and most Yorkies manage to miss the potty pads while squatting nearby. Ours are notorious for firmly planting their front paws on the potty pads while the business end does its thing on the floor. In self-defense, we pulled up all of our carpets throughout the house and replaced them with flooring. My idea is to build a home with strategically placed drain holes in each room and decorative water hoses close by to wash and drain the floors when there are near misses. It certainly would be more cost-effective. I really should consider buying stock in floor cleaner and paper towel companies.

On the question of weight – what should a Yorkie weigh? It’s the same as asking what a human should weigh. Ours ranged between 3 – 10 pounds. Most Yorkie parents want to feed the best possible food for their budgets. We feed ours a mixture of kibble and organic chicken or beef and vegetables. Now and again, I toss in a few organic blueberries and an occasional egg. Yorkies, in our experience, are finicky eaters, and fur parents fret when their Yorkies turn up their adorable noses at high-dollar food. There are days when one, two, or all three turn up their noses. I have learned not to sweat their turned-up noses. I serve their food on plates or in bowls. Variety is the spice of life, it is said, and sometimes when I put their food on a plate, all three look at me, one eyebrow arched as if to say, “Really??” Dutifully, I transfer their food into bowls, and once again peace reigns. Attitude, and lots of it.

Do I spend more time catering to our Yorkies than I did my own children? Possibly, and my kids would say definitely. But hey, they grew up and moved away – the Yorkies won’t.  

Yorkies aren’t for everyone but for us, they are the best breed…..

2 comments on “Yorkies R Us

  1. I am a Crazee Yorkie Lady! I have many! I am in Tj hear yorkie groups too!


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