Bridging the Divided

Until We Meet Again

We come into the world and draw our first breath. We leave this world and enter eternity as we draw our last. The circle of life is complete. Recently, my husband’s mother completed her life circle and passed into eternity. Death is never easy to watch, and yet the passage is sacred. 

My husband’s mother had been admitted to hospice. I am a big advocate for hospice as hospice allows for death to take place naturally. Time was short for this strong, courageous woman. Family and friends gathered around, sitting vigil through the night and late into the next day. The opportunity to be a part of and witness the natural death of loved ones allows us time as the transformation and preparation process unfolds to set the spirit free from the confines of its earth suit. 

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, as is oft shared during funerals, refers to the body only. The spirit is very much alive and well. We tend to forget that in the days and weeks after the body, the earth suit, is buried or cremated. The freed spirit is reunited with Divine Love from whence it originated. The universe, and all that is within it, was created and filled with the breath of Divine Love, the breath that never dies. We mourn, not because the spirit is set free, nor that it is reunited with Divine Love, but because we long for one more moment, one last glance of the spirit clothed in its earth suit, or one last opportunity to make amends.

While the family sat vigil at the bedside, the Pastor of the family church stopped by to visit, to comfort, and to pray. At one point she sang to my mother-in-law. The soothing melody of a familiar Christian hymn settled over the room like a warm blanket. The energies within the room were peaceful, serene, not rushed, not fearful as my mother-in-law continued to breathe with the cadence of the impending death of her body. 

As I sat there, not identifying as a Christian as did the others in the room, I still felt enveloped by the serenity and solemnity of the moment. Divine Love was present, filling the room with the white-hot energy and light that would accompany this amazing woman who had come to the end of her life’s journey. It was in that moment that I fully realized it matters not what our religious affiliations or beliefs may be. What matters is knowing the whole of the created universe was breathed into existence by a Being that is pure energy, pure love, and it is to that Being we will be reunited when we come to the end of our life’s journey and draw our final breath. How we chose to live our lives is what matters in the end. Did we choose love or create strife? Did we choose good over evil? Did we choose to be kind? Did we choose to be grateful for what we had or did we waste our moments on earth greedy for more? Did we choose to forgive or hold grudges against others? Did we choose to judge instead of loving others for the unique beings they were created to be? 

Finally, she breathed her last while my husband held her hand. His mother had left her earth suit behind, freed from pain, and the ravages of age and illness. Her spirit, however, is very much alive. What awaits us on the other side I do not know, but I know it is filled with pure love, Divine Love. So, for now, we will say until we meet again…..

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