Bridging the Divided

Love Is….. Part 2

The ocean is the perfect backdrop for a wedding. As the sun began to set and the ocean waves rolled in, my daughter and her bride-to-be stood before a small group of family and exchanged their wedding vows. A smattering of people none of us knew played in the surf while others watched the ceremony from their seaside balconies. 

We all arrived in Florida having survived a series of hiccups along the way. Flights were canceled, delays occurred, or both. Upon arrival, we all had our stories to share, but stories bond us and make memories. And then, the day arrived.  

The girls, both breathtaking in their dresses, did their first look pictures with those who would walk them through the sand to the beach altar. They made their way toward me, and when these two strong, beautiful, courageous women stood before me, I saw only love. 

Our spirits are filled with the breath from Divine Love. The flesh our spirits are wrapped in matters not. And why should it? The Bible says God is spirit and God is love. The rest is window dressing. What attracts one person to another is not the outward self, but what resides within. The spirit is the light that draws others to itself like moths to a flame. Sure, we cannot discount physical attraction – physical attraction is the magnet that draws spirits together until the spirits can be known. 

I have stood before many couples to lead their ceremonies, listened as they exchanged their vows, and witnessed the giving of their rings. Each couple is unique, drawn together by the light within their spirits. I always feel honored and humbled to be in the presence of God-breathed spirits as they become one.

Gay couples experience opposition when they choose to enter into a marriage commitment. Supporting a gay couple’s commitment takes nothing away from us yet many are offended citing Biblical references as the source of their offense as if they are protecting God, defending God’s honor when in fact those in opposition are merely revealing their personal discomfort and offense. Blessed are those whose families support a gay couples’ decisions to commit to one another. 

As the sun hung low on the horizon, sea birds called out, and white-crested waves rolled in, two women solemnly committed to entering into marriage, agreeing to love and support one another whatever may come. And that is how it should be. Marriage should have no gender bias. Love is love…..   

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