Bridging the Divided

A Life Review…..?

One of the scariest things I ever heard is that when we breathe our last and cross over into eternity, we will experience a life review. As I was walking and listening to a podcast on love, the subject came up. It’s not that I hadn’t heard it before. Christianity teaches the same, and I spent many years identifying as a Christian. I happened to be listening to a spiritual teacher not affliliated with a particular brand or flavor of religion.

The presenter of the podcast talked about the life review in terms of understanding the impact our thoughts, words, and deeds had on others; to experience them from another’s perspective. Think about all of the things we said in haste and later regretted, or the times we lashed out at others because we were stressed. And it doesn’t stop there. The recipients of hasty words and unkind behavior likely extended to others what we started, much like lined up dominoes tumble after the first domino is toppled. 

I have 61 years of hasty words and unkind behavior to account for on the day I cross over. Oh sure, we can make excuses, but there are no acceptable excuses for ill-spoken words or unkind behavior because we make choices. We choose to speak and act unkindly or we choose to speak and act from a place of love. Does Divine Love, or God, expect us to be perfect beings throughout our lifetimes? No, I don’t believe so. We are expected to learn, however. Life on planet earth is a giant schoolroom. 

We are spirits, living in bodies, and having life experiences. Divine Love breathed the spirit of love into each of us. Love resides within our spirits. At the same time, we are free to think, speak, and act as we choose – some call this free will. We can think, speak, and act from a spirit of love or from a spirit of discord. Speaking and acting from a spirit of love causes a ripple effect of love. Speaking and acting from a spirit of discord causes a ripple effect of disharmony.

The flip side of toppling the dominoes or starting a ripple is how we react to the words and behaviors of others. We can choose whether or not to accept the words and behaviors of others. If the words and behaviors of others come from a place of love, it is easy to accept both. When the words and behaviors of others are unkind, we can choose to allow the words and behaviors to affect us, or we can rise above them. When we choose to rise above, the dominoes and ripples stop with us. 

So what do our thoughts have to do with a life review? Every word and behavior begins as a thought. The Bible records these words of Yeshua (Jesus) spoken to the Pharisees, “out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks” (Matthew 12:34) Pretty simple, right? What is in our hearts eventually comes out of our mouths. The heart, in this case, is a reference to the mind or thoughts – our words are influenced by our thoughts, as are our behaviors.

Life is full of choices, and some of those choices involve our thoughts, words, and behaviors. We can make excuses for unkind words and behaviors. We can say we were stressed or ill, or we were abused, or didn’t grow up with the advantages others had. We can look around and pat ourselves on the backs and say at least we aren’t murderers or rapists. And, any of those things may be true, but the choice of how we will speak and act still resides within us. 

Maybe there will be a life review, maybe not. No one knows for sure until we get on the other side of life on earth. Whether or not there is a life review, if we choose to live from a spirit of love, it’s a win-win…..

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