Bridging the Divided


Death is not the end. Love never dies. When the spirit within leaves its earthly vessel, it is set free. If we open our spiritual eyes, the spirits of loved ones will return to visit, especially in the days following the death. Even the spirit of Yeshua (Jesus) came to His disciples after the resurrection and walked with a man on the road to Emmaus. 

I have had visitations from spirits who have lingered in the days after death. Visitations come in many forms. On the day of my former mother-in-law’s funeral, I glanced up from the kitchen and saw her sitting on the church pew in the living room. Her appearance was brief, a soothing balm to my spirit. Despite the abuse from her son during our marriage, she and I were best friends. I treasure the visitation.

Other visitations were from beloved dogs. I know Harley’s spirit came to me in the form of a cardinal sitting in a bramble bush while we were frantically looking for her after a negligent groomer let her get out the shop door. When I saw the cardinal, my spirit knew it was Harley. Not long after, we found her lifeless body on a boulevard. She had been hit by a car. Many times after her death, cardinals came and sat on the back fence, or flew past us, so near we could almost reach out and touch them. On the morning after the first anniversary, my daughter snapped a picture of a cardinal sitting on the front door stoop. With Sammy’s passing, more cardinals came – usually appearing in sets of two. 

Now, butterflies and dragonflies are appearing. The day after Rowdie crossed the Rainbow Bridge, my husband was puttering around outside with the garage door open. A butterfly landed on his shorts pocket and stayed for quite some time, fluttering its delicate wings. He was able to video the visitation and share it with me. We both knew it was Rowdie letting us know he was free and well. We were comforted as tears wetted our cheeks. Many spiritual people believe butterflies land on us when we are grieving, sent to comfort us.

In the Native American culture, dragonflies appearing after the death of a loved one is believed to be the transformed soul of the loved one. My husband is one-quarter Native American and holds to many of the beliefs of his culture. Since Rowdie’s passing, dragonflies appear daily, and usually in sets of three. A few days ago we were out in the yard with our remaining three Yorkies. Almost immediately, three dragonflies darted this way and that, sticking close to both of us. On Sunday, one week after Rowdie’s passing, three dragonflies followed me around the yard as I mowed the lawn. I smiled, my spirit thrilled with the visitation from Harley, Sammy, and Rowdie.

We are spirits, living in bodies, having life experiences. Spirits are energy and cannot be destroyed. The energy that we are lives forever. When we are open to seeing with the eyes of our spirits, Divine Love will reveal the unseen world to us – a world that is alive, active, and willing to connect with us, if only for a moment….. 

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