Bridging the Divided

Dogs: A Connection To Divine Love…..

There is a series on Netflix called “Dogs”. Each episode tells the story of how dogs have touched the lives of their humans. I’m only in by two episodes, but more than a few tears were shed before the episodes ended. Perhaps I’m getting a little soft as I inch closer to the golden years? 

In the 61 years I have lived on planet earth, I have seen the world change dramatically. When I was growing up, the world, or at least the part I was familiar with, was a bit friendlier, closer knit. People knew the troubles of friends and neighbors, and pitched in to help where and when they could. People who attended church prayed for one another and brought meals to those experiencing the best and worst of life’s moments. Daily life was certainly not rainbows and unicorns by any means, but people connected. 

Today, we are disconnected. Instagram, Facebook, and other social media sites have replaced chatting over the back fence, but not in a good way. Those on social media sites are not connecting in person so it is much easier to let rude and snarky comments rule cyberspace. Everyone has an opinion, and most will be offended in some way, shape, or fashion. We take everything much too personally. I digress, but I received a comment from a reader who said one of my posts was whiny, and added a few other unkind words. At first, I was a bit miffed, but in the end, this person read the blog and felt strongly enough about it to take the time to comment. The reader did admit it was their choice to read. It certainly was. I smiled. Perhaps the gentle reader will see this post as whiny, while I prefer to see it merely as an opinion. 

During the dark days of COVID, there was an upsurge of pet adoptions, mainly dogs. Dogs are seen at the ends of leashes on the streets of busy cities, and playing with other dogs in dog parks while their humans interact with other humans. Dogs connect us with our humanity and with each other, forcing us to leave our homes and the hypnotic trance of the electronic world. 

When people are out walking their dogs, dogs are a point of contact that cause humans to interact. Eye contact between human fur parents is made, a nod of the head, a smile, and sometimes, humans exchange pleasantries or stop to chat for a bit. In other words, humans connect with one another out in the open, not hidden behind emoji’s, GIF’s and text on computer screens. 

Religious, I am not, rather I am spiritual. Divine Love, a Creator, a Higher Power, if you will, is at the center of existence as we know it. We are star stuff, but not accidentally so. Divine Love is interwoven throughout the tapestry of the created universe, and opens the eyes of those willing to see, communicates with those willing to listen. Divine Love works through the created universe. Dogs are one way Divine Love manifests keeping us connected to one another…..

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