Bridging the Divided

Spoiled Yorkies…..

We sleep in a family bed. A Yorkie family bed, that is. Our Yorkies are spoiled, however, they generously allow us to share the bed with them. We have a queen bed, but we considering a king. It is surprising how much room four dogs take up who do not collectively weigh more than 25 pounds. And, the bed is only one aspect of their spoiled lives. 

Please, no lectures on human food for dogs. I prepare organic meat and vegetables mixed with kibble for their dining pleasure. We don’t eat the high-dollar meat, for heaven’s sake. High-dollar meats are purchased for the Yorkies! Sometimes, as Yorkies are want to do on occasion, they turn up their diva-noses. The audacity!

After their breakfast, I sit down with a cup of coffee and a piece of sourdough bread – no added anything. The four spoiled divas hop onto my lap, albeit politely, demanding their share. I bite off tiny bits and offer the bits to each in turn, reminding them I do not ask to share their breakfast. Once satisfied, they settle onto my lap for a nap while I watch the morning news. I work from home now, courtesy of COVID, so the Yorkie divas have kindly scheduled my day with adequate breaks for them to go outside.

One of the few human treats they also enjoy is soft serve ice cream from a local eatery. The night after my husband returned from his business trip we were watching a Netflix series and enjoying a glass of wine when Tasia, diva extraordinaire, let out one of her low barks, and stomped her front paws. One does not ignore Tasia when she speaks. Tasia is a Yorkie of few barks, so when she does, the barks have purpose. Her deep brown eyes focused first on my husband, then turned to me. She let out another bark, and stomped her little paws again. My husband said, “I think she wants i-c-e c-r-e-a-m”. Yes, we believe it necessary to spell as we are convinced our dogs understand English. The Netflix series was paused, my husband grabbed his keys, and off he went to get ice cream. He is well trained – wouldn’t you agree? Upon his return, the dogs jumped onto my lap and the treat distribution commenced. Each, in turn, received tiny tastes of the cool, creamy, treat. They are civilized pups, and wait patiently for their turn. Once satisfied, our pups allowed us to finish the Netflix series.

Dog people love their pups, don’t they? More and more people are turning to their pets to bring some level of sanity to life. When I visit my son and his girlfriend in a neighboring state, I am amazed at how many people in the city are out and about walking their dogs, playing in the dog park, and roaming the outdoor markets, leashes in hand. 

The older I get the more chaotic the world seems. What happened to the simpler days of yesteryear? I’m not advocating returning to party line telephones and black and white televisions, but I do think technology has isolated us from others. Pets bridge the gap for us. They offer companionship on a level people cannot any longer. Today, conversations with others are held while scrolling through social media sites. Thankfully, our pets give us their full attention, demanding though they may be, at times. Perhaps, it is for this reason we spoil them? We need to be seen, loved, and feel valued…..

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