Bridging the Divided

A Jealous Yorkie…..

Loyal, trusting, forgiving, intelligent companions. Adjectives we use to describe dogs, right? What about jealousy? I never noticed jealousy in our bigger dogs, however, little dogs can be quite snarky, jealous little divas. Some, not all, of course. 

Since we got our first Yorkie, we added 4 others to our Yorkie family. Unfortunately, due to a negligent groomer, we lost Harley a little over 3 years ago. Four remain – Chardonnay, Tasia, Kaiah, and Rowdie. As each was added, the others welcomed them to the family. Chardonnay is the matriarch and takes her position quite seriously. She lets the others know that while welcome, there is a definite pecking order. Technically, Rowdie is the oldest of our Yorkies, however, joined later than Chardonnay – and we all know females, canine or human, rule the roost. Am I right? 

Kaiah, our youngest Yorkie, is spoiled, of course, and enjoys all the benefits of being the baby of the family. The others don’t seem to mind, and on the rare occasions when Kaiah oversteps, the others let her know immediately.

One of our daughters has a rescue Chihuahua named Bug. He and Tasia are about the same age. Bug, along with his fur mama, lived with us for a time until he and his fur mama moved into a home of their own. Bug is staying with us this week while our daughter and her fiance took a short vacation. Little did I know the green-eyed monster would overtake our sweet, rambunctious, Kaiah.

Whenever I sit down on the sofa to watch a movie or another installment of a Netflix series, four Yorkies pile on top of me, each vying for the coveted position on my lap. On the first day of Bug’s visit, I returned home from dropping my husband at the airport so that he could attend training in another state. With the afternoon and evening ahead of me, I decided to spend the time binge-watching Downton Abbey. That was the plan, anyway. 

Within the first few minutes of settling onto the sofa, Kaiah, feeling her position as the baby of the family threatened, started a squabble of epic proportions. Bug inadvertently usurped Kaiah’s usual space on my lap. Taken by surprise, Bug attempted retaliation – there I was in the middle. Kaiah weighs 5 pounds, and Bug, who weighs probably twice as much, if not more than she, was being bested by a jealous Yorkie. Hell hath no fury like a Yorkie overcome with jealousy. Ding, ding, ding, went the imaginary bell and the sparring opponents were sent to their corners.

Cleary, my plan to binge-watch Downton Abbey was thwarted. So, I tucked Kaiah under my arm and headed out the door for the liquor store. One doesn’t have to do with the other, but Kaiah needed a moment away and I wanted to see if the liquor store had gotten in Downward Dog Pinot Grigio. I figured I might need a box of Downward Dog if the jealous sparring continued. 

Never underestimate a dog’s intelligence. While driving to the store, Kaiah and I chatted about hospitality. Kaiah turned her tiny face toward mine, twitched her nose, and gazed into my eyes as I spoke about the importance of hospitality and the fact that she had been welcomed into the family. I assured her I loved her and that no one would ever take her place in my heart. That settled, we got out of the car and walked into the liquor store. As luck would have it, no Downward Dog Pinot had come in. Oh well. I settled for a flavored brandy, paid the clerk, and we headed back home. 

Kaiah must have taken our little chat to heart. The jealousy disappeared, and while they aren’t best friends by any means, peace and tolerance reign…..

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