Bridging the Divided

A Touch From Divine Love…..

Pet owners know how important pets are in their lives. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that pets provide us more positive benefits than we do for them.

We know that dogs can be trained as service animals to help people who are blind to navigate their way through a darkened world. We hear about dogs trained to detect dropping blood sugar levels and the onset of seizures. Dogs are used in the military, by police, and in therapeutic settings – they are infinitely valuable to humans. We are probably only scratching the surface.  

Our youngest Yorkie lets us know when Chardonnay, our oldest female Yorkie, is having a seizure. She wasn’t trained for that purpose – I never thought about it. One day, I heard a very different bark from her and went to check it out. There she was barking and seemingly trying to get Char to snap out of the seizure. At times, when Chardonnay is confused and temporarily blind following a seizure, Kaiah acts as Char’s guide to prevent her from walking into doors and walls.

I’m a nerd by nature. Recently, I was reading an article about dogs and children with ADHD. Two groups were used – one group read to a live dog for 30 minutes one time weekly. The other group read to puppets that looked like dogs. Both groups improved, however, those reading to the real dogs scored better in social skills and showed more improvements in behavior. Interactions between austistic children and guinea pigs were also studied. The study discovered that anxiety levels dropped in autistic children who spent time playing with guinea pigs. The researchers concluded the animals provided the children with unconditional acceptance and their presence calmed the children.

Isn’t that what we all want? To be calmed when we are riddled with anxiety? To experience unconditional acceptance when the world tells us we are not good enough? Divine Love knew the trials we would face as spirits having life experiences. Life on planet earth isn’t always easy. To ease the burden when life turns us upside down and inside out, we need look no further than our pet companions. We can experience a touch from Divine Love through our pets….. 

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