Bridging the Divided

Our Wonderful Yorkies…..

TMI (too much information), but I haven’t gone into the bathroom unaccompanied in years. At first, it was kids. Moms, you know what I’m talking about. Either little people are standing at the door knocking and chattering, or they are in the bathroom with us. Dogs now accompany me. Not all four usually, but at least two, usually three, and sometimes the cat. I never lack company. Never.

When I shower, Kaiah, the youngest Yorkie, runs to get one of her tennis balls. I step into the shower, and voila, a tennis ball is suddenly at my feet. The next thing I feel is Chardonnay, the oldest female Yorkie, who takes separation anxiety to a new level, licking my toes. We have a small shower stall with a shower curtain in the master bedroom. It’s an older home with fewer bells and whistles found in the newer homes of today. Hazarding a glance downward, I see Chardonnay poking her top-knotted champagne-colored head beneath the shower curtain, her pink tongue licking my toes. Next to Char’s head, I see Kaiah, with her tiny multi-colored head, eyes focused on the wet tennis ball – both heads, soaking wet. Tennis balls and bathrooms go hand-in-hand in Kaiah’s mind. Sometimes I give one of the Yorkies a bath in the hall bathtub. Kaiah is quick to find a ball to toss into the tub with the sudsy Yorkie. Yesterday, Rowdie got a bath. Yep, he had a tennis ball that shared his Chi shampoo bath. Sisterly love at its finest.

Kaiah is a character, truly. She may even be unique among Yorkies. When they all go outside to potty, she waits until one of the others does their business, trots over to the said spot, and does her business on top of the fresh business. I sometimes question whether or not her kidneys would function if it weren’t for the other Yorkies. TMI? I’m a nurse so bodily functions are not off-limits in terms of discussions. You would be surprised how often people share their bodily function issues with me when finding out I am a nurse. It comes with the territory, I guess.

The Yorkies, otherwise known as the babies, eat organic chicken or hamburger with vegetables mixed into their kibble. I heat the meat and vegetables a bit before mixing them in with the kibble and putting it on four separate plates. Are they spoiled? Surely not. Kaiah samples from every plate, nudging her little head in next to each Yorkie – they, in turn, patiently move over a bit to allow her space. I have considered one big plate from which they all eat, but that doesn’t seem fair, does it? 

Lately, Chardonnay has taken to performing a Yoga-Esque downward-facing dog and maintaining the pose until I figure out what she wants. Where did that come from? Watching me attempt Yoga with a Youtube video? The other day my husband brought home a box of Chardonnay named Down Dog Chardonnay. He is funny like that. Instead of attempting Yoga, I think I will just drink the moves from now on. Trust me, it will be safer. Graceful, I am not. I wonder if the liquor store carries Pigeon Pose Pinot Grigio or Mountain Pose Merlot?

Divine Love gave us so many unique and wonderful creatures. I would love to hear about your unique and wonderful pets…..

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