Bridging the Divided

It Doesn’t Need To Be Either/Or…..

Adopt, Don’t Shop. We see it on billboards, commercials, wherever. It’s not that I disagree either. Rescue dogs are the bomb-diggity. But the slogan rubs me the wrong way. Four of our dogs were purchased. And not from puppy mills, mind you. We bought our Yorkies from people who love dogs and care for the dogs they sell. What is wrong with that? We happen to love Yorkies. I see nothing wrong with purchasing dogs from reputable breeders. And, I am definitely open to rescue Yorkies.

We are an either/or society. We thrive on conformity. Merriam-Webster defines conformity as “action in accordance with some specified standard or authority”. In other words, we align ourselves with the beliefs or attitudes of others. But who is the authority on whether or not one should have a rescue or purchased animal?

Don’t get me wrong – humans and societies need conformity to a degree. Conforming to the norms gives us a sense of belonging and humans tend to thrive when we feel a part of something. We need set standards of conduct for humans and societies, but do we need it in everything? Where does individuality fit in? What if my opinion differs from yours? Are mine wrong and yours right or vice versa? This is my issue with the Adopt, Don’t Shop slogan. Why is a group of people trying to make me feel guilty for choosing to buy the breed of dog I want rather than adopting from a shelter? I get it, believe me, I do. There are too many animals surrendered to shelters every day that, if deemed unadoptable, or are there too long, are euthanized. It breaks my heart. 

Reputable dog breeders are business people who love the animals they breed and sell. I said reputable, not to be confused with those who operate puppy mills. That is a whole other ballgame, and I am in favor of shutting the doors of every puppy mill across the country and prosecuting the owners. I can’t speak for every reputable dog breeder, but many are particular about the people who adopt their animals. Criteria need to be met before an animal is adopted out. The breeders want to ensure to the best of their ability that the animals will be living in loving homes. Rescue animals leave shelters every day and do not always end up in loving homes. 

I say, to each his own. Let’s work together to shut down the puppy mills. We needn’t be either/or when it comes to bringing animals into our homes to care for and love. Allow people who love animals to adopt, purchase, or both. As long as an animal ends up in a loving home, I am happy…..

2 comments on “It Doesn’t Need To Be Either/Or…..

  1. Now, now, common sense will get you no where.
    Mom always liked german shepherds, but I always let fate choose a rescue. I’ve got a couple of blue heelers now. Both traumatized, but coming around nicely after a year of being babied.
    These will be my last, i think. 62 this year. I hope to reclaim them all at the bridge.


    • And you will my friend! I firmly believe I will be met at the Rainbow Bridge by our fur babies one day. Going on 61 this year, but not gonna rule out other fur babies just yet. Bless you, for your patience with your fur rescues. I love shepherds too, my son has one. We had Rottweilers when the kids were growing up – great breed, but at my age, it’s little dogs from here on out. Common sense, I have learned, is not a flower that grows in everyone’s garden! Blessings and good vibes for a long healthy and happy life! Enjoy those fur babies!!

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