Bridging the Divided

Nourishment For The Soul…..

Recently I took a quick trip over the weekend to visit my son and his girlfriend. A brief respite from the demands of daily life is good for the soul, a gift we need to give ourselves once in a while.

I am directionally challenged, so I always manage to take the wrong exit. Go figure. Fortunately, technology is on my side and Google Maps has my back. Well, I was using Google Maps when I got lost but, like I said, I am directionally challenged. In any case, I arrived, no worse for the wear.

My son lives in this adorable older neighborhood with tree-lined streets and brownstone apartments built several decades ago. The streets are narrow, the brownstones nestled within the trees. Each floor has two apartments that share front and back porches. His current apartment is a far cry from the groundlevel he had in the downtown area smack dab in the middle of the hustle and bustle of city life. 

Many people in the city are fur parents, and one of the activities I like to do while visiting is going to the dog park. Every breed of dog, it seems, is represented within the gates of the dog park – big, small, and in-between. This dog park has two bars, a restaurant, and lots of space for dogs to run and play, and on hot days, cool down in the sprinklers. While the dogs play, their fur parents grab a drink, some food, and mingle with other fur parents. It’s a hang-out for every age group, and a great way to meet new people and catch up with old friends. I wish we had one in our neck of the woods. 

We sat at a picnic table and caught up on each other’s lives as people stopped to chat now and again about my son and girlfriend’s dogs. Fur parents wandered over to chat for a minute or two when their dogs dropped by our table to be petted and spoiled. When people share a love of animals, an automatic door to conversation opens. 

That evening we sat on the front porch, drank wine, and chatted while my son grilled salmon and asparagus. The next morning we lazily drank our coffee on the front porch and watched people leaving their apartments likely heading for Sunday brunch or the outdoor market. It’s spring, so intermittent cloud bursts washed away the previous week’s negative energy from the environment. We decided to cruise down to the open market, too, although the rains picked up considerably – only those willing to dodge water puddles and endure torrential rains were out and about.

Life is stressful and hectic. We get so caught up in the day-to-day we often miss the gifts Divine Love provides that nourish and replenish the soul. We need time away to see and appreciate the blessings from the hand of God. For me, that is time spent in the company of family and close friends, and, of course, dogs…..

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