Bridging the Divided

The Joy Of Dogs…..

(Disclaimer – not one of ours but still adorable!)

Kaiah, our youngest Yorkie, a 5-pound bundle of sass, intelligence, and creativity, brings joy to our lives every minute of every day. She invents games to entertain herself and draws us into her games as often as we are willing to play. Tennis balls are her thing, specifically miniature tennis balls, and she prefers the orange and fluorescent green ones. Kaiah stashes her tennis balls where we can’t find them and brings one out every morning before she has her breakfast. Lord only knows where she keeps them. Some days she won’t eat her breakfast, preferring to play with her tennis balls instead. Can we all say obsessed? Lately, Kaiah jumps up on furniture, the toy box, or the dog bed, and puts a tennis ball right on the edge, and waits for it to fall off. She likes to watch the ball roll across the floor. Kaiah also will place the ball so that when it rolls off the edge, it will roll right to one of us. Gravity, isn’t it fascinating? Kids sitting in their hi-chairs eventually discover gravity, too, and from then on everything ends up on the floor. 

Outside, Kaiah will retrieve the tennis balls we throw, and then drop them in the firepit or anywhere else equally inconvenient. I think it’s her way of keeping us in shape because there is a lot of bending and stooping involved. And sassy? Kaiah’s name is tucked within the definition of sassy in the dictionary. She does know the phrase inside voice, however, and will respond with a whispered bark. 

I’m fairly certain Kaiah thinks the cat is an interactive chew toy. Sophie, our tuxedo cat, stretches out on her back, extending her paws so that she can playfully bat at Kaiah. When she is done batting Kaiah around, Sophie takes her leave until next time. While they are playing, Kaiah sounds like a baby raptor toying with its prey. Their playtime is quite serious!

Tasia is as quiet and subdued as Kaiah is loud and energetic, yet they share the same sire. Genetics are a funny thing. Tasia saves her vocalizations for important things in life, like demanding to be lifted onto the bed and heating pad even though she can jump onto the bed without help. It’s always better to have the staff assist with the needs of royalty. I fall into the category of staff, not royalty.  No one needs to guess what thoughts trip across Tasia’s brain cells, either. The other night friends were over and one of them was holding Tasia. Clearly, Tasia was done with the affection. She stretched out her forepaw and pushed said friend away. Tasia is sensitive to the nuances of homelife. One cross word spoken by anyone for any reason devastates her. She truly wears her heart on her sleeve. One must be careful not to unwittingly injure her sensitive spirit. I don’t know about anyone else, but we are devastated when her big brown eyes focus on us knowing that somehow she took offense. But, her sensitive spirit is there to quietly comfort, snuggling close to share her strength and compassion with those in need.

Rowdy has no time for nonsense. He is getting on in years, is set in his ways; his routine can be interrupted. He has 2 teeth but efficiently puts them to use when disturbed. He is loving in his own way – the same way the two old guys in the movie Grumpy Old Men were. At night he takes his spot under the covers between us. Heaven forbid one of us touches him or changes position in the middle of the night – he wakes the dead!. 

And then there is Chardonnay. Chardonnay is her own little fur person. I have a new hamper with holes in the sides. She likes to pull clothes out from inside the hamper through the holes. I suppose it is her way of helping me sort the laundry although I don’t recall asking for her help. Lately, she has taken to bowing down on her front legs with her hind end up in the air when she is not getting her way. It’s adorable, but where did she come up with that?  

Dogs are my favorite people. At the end of the day, exhausted from dealing with the messiness of the world, our dogs help me regroup, refresh, and reconnect with the spirit of Divine Love…..

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