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Yorkie Yoga -It’s My New Thing…..

Goat yoga – no doubt you have heard of it. Goat yoga started as a conversation between a yoga instructor and a goat owner in Oregon who decided yoga and goats together sounded fun. Why not? Baby goats are fun. Thankfully, baby goats, or kids, as they are called, are used for goat yoga. One wouldn’t want an adult goat traipsing across one’s back, for sure. Why goats? The theory is that goats and people are naturally drawn to one another, and combining yoga and goats connects the yogi to nature. I think practicing yoga on the beach qualifies, but I admit goat yoga sounds fun.

Recently, I got back into yoga. A few years ago, I practiced regularly but got away from it for several reasons – mainly healing from a stress fracture in one foot and an ankle fracture in the other. Graceful, I am not. Yoga helps with balance, so it is to my advantage to get back in the game. During my noon break from the virtual work world, I started practicing yoga again. Yorkie yoga, that is.

Yorkie yoga wasn’t my goal starting out. I hadn’t given it any thought, really. I just turned on YouTube, found a senior yoga video, and dove in. Senior yoga because I found out 30 seconds into a regular yoga video I can no longer contort or balance without falling over, and don’t care to spend another summer with anything broken in my body, so senior yoga, it is. My goal is to be able to survive a regular yoga video without falling over – a future goal at this point.

Three of the four Yorkies sat on the sofa watching as I stretched this way and that, did a few downward-facing dogs, and settled into warrior one. Downward-facing dog is an interesting description of a pose, given my dogs were contemplating what part they could play now that I resumed yoga practice. After moving to the floor and more stretching in the cat-cow poses, I went from solo yoga practice to full-on Yorkie yoga. While attempting to practice deep, relaxed breathing in the cow pose, (and the operative word here is attempting) I was interrupted mid-breath by a sudden jolt on my back. Kaiah, our youngest Yorkie, made a calculated leap from the sofa to the middle of my back. Recovering from the jolt and sharp inhale that shattered my attempts at relaxed breathing, I moved into the child’s pose so she could get down. As I gathered my composure and assumed the table pose to return to the cat pose of cat-cow, Chardonnay’s tongue slurped across my chin. Do baby goats lick your face? I might be ok with that, but hopefully, the goats don’t suddenly pounce on one’s back. 

As my first day of senior yoga came to a close, the yoga instructor and I moved into savasana or final resting pose. The idea is to rest, eyes closed, letting all of one’s stress leave the body so that when the concluding ommmm is sounded, the yogi is refreshed and de-stressed. Beautiful thought, except during Yorkie yoga. While resting in savasana, Tasia licked my face, Chardonnay licked my toes, Kaiah stood on my chest, and Rowdy, the senior Yorkie, watched it all from his spot on the sofa.

According to its founder, goat yoga helps yogis deal with symptoms of anxiety and depression – a side benefit of connecting people with the healing properties of the created universe. God provides for all of our needs during our life’s journey. As for Yorkie yoga, it’s my new thing…..

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