Bridging the Divided

Aging, Body Image, And Lizzo…..

So, this whole aging thing – again. Body fat changes, accumulations, redistributions are the reality. Start Googling – that’s what we all do, right? Body fat after age 60, according to a plethora of experts out there, is the result of insulin resistance, decreased exercise, hormonal changes – what hormones? I think I have 2 left banging around inside my body somewhere and they can’t be responsible for much of anything at this point I wouldn’t think. The internet is a cornucopia of information, but how do we know which site is accurate? None? All? 

I saw a picture of Lizzo and read a brief article about her while I sat in the doctor’s office with my in-laws. My mother-in-law commented on the same picture – she chose not to read the article. I was not put off by the picture, she was, though. Actually, I thought it was tasteful, and I admired Lizzo’s courage for having a picture taken of her less-than-model-perfect body wearing lacy lingerie. In theory, I want to be her. In theory. I never will be as comfortable as she seems, or is. 

Maybe it’s the generation gap, or maybe societal views on body image are changing, maybe a little of both. I am from the Twiggy generation. If you don’t know who Twiggy is, Google her. She was the standard back in the day – the standard that changed women’s perceptions of their bodies. Obviously, it wasn’t entirely her fault, she just had a significant impact on me and likely thousands of other young girls’ minds. Prior to Twiggy, voluptuous women were the accepted standard. Sophia Loren, Rachael Welch, and Marilyn Monroe come to mind. Women built for comfort, as the saying goes. 

The whole body fat thing led me to the Keto diet. I’m a little late getting on the Keto bandwagon. Let me just say, it doesn’t work for everyone. Sure, I lost a few pounds, feel better overall, specifically, mornings are less painful and bothersome, but I wanted the pounds to magically fall off. Don’t we all? Back to the internet. The Keto diet can still work, modify it a bit, girl. And, then there are the articles about the importance of maintaining a few extra pounds on the old body as reserves in the event of life-altering experiences – like falls, illness, etc. Tell that to Twiggy who is still alive and looking svelte and fabulous at 71 years old. 

I’m glad this generation has the Lizzo’s of the world. The ones who are confident and comfortable enough to bare it all. I doubt I will ever get there; completely confident and comfortable in my skin, that is. Stumbling across a very large woman barely dressed in lacy lingerie is shocking, however, I think the message is a much healthier one. Love yourself for who you are and not based on your outward appearance. The body returns to dust. It’s simply housing for the spirit while we journey through life on planet earth. The part that matters, the spirit, lives on forever. If we cared less about what our bodies looked like, we could spend more time nurturing our spirits. The world would be a better place filled with spirits sharing the Divine Love within…..

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