Bridging the Divided

Dogs – The Presence Of Divine Love…..

Our house was full of people and dogs. My heart was also full – full of love and life and happiness – the bone-deep kind of happiness. Grown kids, their significant others, best friends that I consider more family than friends, and dogs gathered to celebrate my husband’s 50th birthday. 

We aren’t rich. I wouldn’t even say we are financially comfortable. We struggle to pay bills just like everyone else in an economy trying to recover from the past year’s pandemic crisis. But there are things money can’t buy no matter how much money one may have. Food may fill our bellies, but love fills our hearts to overflowing.

This brings me back to dogs. My mind works in mysterious ways – according to my husband, at least. I call it ‘higher plane thinking’. There actually is such a thing – who knew? Anyway, I’m not referring to the lofty stuff of transcending the limits of the rational mind. I’ve used that phrase for years to explain how my mind works, which I assume is different than most people. 

Back to dogs. Dogs are the perfect representation known to man of love in the flesh. Divine Love packaged the best characteristics of man that should float to the surface and often do not, and wrapped them in fur, and called it a dog. Let’s face it, humans are messy creatures, at best. Dogs are less complicated, more in tune with the stuff in life that matters like eating, sleeping, and cuddling next to their fur parents. I don’t believe in calling us, owners. People don’t own dogs. We share our lives with them. 

It takes a lot to turn a dog into a mean creature. My ex-husband did not limit his abuse to people. He kicked our first dog so hard the kick broke her little leg. Her crime? She barked when the doorbell rang. She still forgave and loved him. So did the other dogs. The other dogs weren’t my idea. I did not willingly agree to subject other animals to his wrath. Let’s not dwell on this, however. It’s a downer of a long, convoluted, insane story. The point being, dogs do forgive and move on unless the abuse is so horrific their spirits and trust are broken. Personally, I hope there is a special place in hell for people who abuse children and animals, and I am not one to carry grudges or hate. 

When we look into the eyes of our animals, we see the purity of their spirits. Purity is a little harder to find in the human animal, sadly, which is why I think Divine Love decided we needed pets, animals who would show us the way. Unless one is a monster – and believe me there are monsters out there – pets teach and soften us. They knock off the rough edges, so to speak. I keep referring to dogs because I am essentially a dog person, but we do have one very vocal cat, as well. She has taught me the value of speaking up when I need to be heard, and even though I learned that lesson, Sophie continues her vocalizations day in and day out. Generally speaking, Yorkies are my thing. They are fur-covered people, albeit demanding fur-covered people. Maybe there is a theme unfolding here? We have five demanding animals who live in our home. I will analyze that another day.

Dogs add more to our lives than we add to theirs, and yet their lives are devoted to ours in ways we are scarcely aware. They care for us. Dogs comfort us when we hurt emotionally and physically, provide companionship, offer us mercy, forgiveness, and understanding on our worst days, and bring us into the presence of Divine Love simply by being. Their lives are a living demonstration of the presence of Divine Love….. 

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