Bridging the Divided

I Am A Yorkie Mom…..

Perhaps other dog breeds fit into the schedules and routines of their fur parents, but not Yorkies. I  always chuckle when a first-time Yorkie parent posts on Facebook. Then, I sit back and wait for the questions and frustration. In due time, the new fur parents will learn their adorable, teddybear-faced puffball is firmly in charge of the household. Yorkies cast a spell on their unsuspecting fur parents. Yorkies are fur-covered white witches and warlocks who mesmerize their new fur parents into transferring power to creatures that weigh less than five pounds. Think I’m wrong? Ask a Yorkie parent.

Our four Yorkies tell time. What other explanation is there for dogs who rise at exactly the same time every day, weekday, or weekend? Four a.m. on the dot, not one minute before or after. To be fair, for a few days after the time change to daylight savings, they woke at 5 a.m., but that quickly went by the wayside. We are back to the 4 a.m. wake-up time. They take the concept of maintaining a routine to a whole different level.

Mealtimes, bedtimes, and rising times are non-negotiable routines. I work from home now, so, of course, I required training in the early days. Breaks during the workday with time for playing fetch with Kaiah are non-negotiable. Taking a shower without Kaiah tossing a ball into the shower and seeing how fast she can rush in to retrieve it – non-negotiable, at least for now. I haven’t received notice of any changes to the routine, yet. The remainder of the day is up for grabs, but it’s not up to me to decide. And the routines change periodically with no notice.

Call me crazy, but there is a doggie bed sitting on my home office desk. There is also a doggie stroller in my office. At first, Kaiah and/or Tasia occupied the doggie bed. Now, Chardonnay insists upon being atop the desk. Maybe it’s a hierarchy thing. Rowdy, on occasion, will sleep in the doggie stroller. Believe me, if this were not the case, he would let me know immediately. Most of the time he wants to rest peacefully in my lap. Usually, this is not a problem, unless Kaiah wants up on my lap, too. Dutifully, I pick her up and set her on my lap, as well. She doesn’t like to share, so will step onto my keyboard and add her unique pawprints to whatever document I happen to be working on while looking over her shoulder at me. Passive-aggressive behavior perhaps? Probably, but who can resist the adorable teddybear face? Sometimes she steps on keys that cause interesting screens to pop up. I am computer-challenged enough as it is. I know how to do my job and get on the Amazon site, and that is about it. So far, I can find my way back to the documents I am working on, but the day may come when that is an impossibility. What then?

Where is Tasia in all of this? Peacefully chasing dream rabbits in her sleep while curled on the heating pad atop our bed. Mind you, when we come in from outdoors, or I rudely take an earlier break than is scheduled, I am properly chastised by the usually even-tempered and quiet Tasia. Failing to put her back onto the bed, Tasia will prance into my office, let loose of one commanding bark, and stomp her feet. Of course, I immediately drop everything and accompany her to the bedroom to lift her highness onto the bed. Passive-aggressive she is not. She is fully capable of getting up onto the bed herself, but spoiled is spoiled. Daddy fur parent is solely responsible for that.

Am I a pushover? Certainly not! I have just learned from the best that some routines are established and will forever be non-negotiable. Others will continue like clockwork until some unknown force in the universe directs a change that I will not be privy to.  After all, I am a Yorkie mom…..

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