Bridging the Divided

We Survived…..

Today marks the first anniversary of the COVID-19 pandemic in our state – and in many others as well. It’s not an anniversary with happy memories attached. Too many lives were lost, too many people suffered from a virus no one had ever heard of, and life as we knew it changed. What have we learned, what do we know? 

We learned how resilient we are as a nation and as individuals. We struggled with the mitigation efforts like masking, social distancing, and closing down businesses, but we eventually adapted. Now, it’s normal, if we can even use that term, to put on a mask before entering stores, restaurants, and other businesses. Our workplaces adapted. Many of us now work from home, participate in Zoom meetings, and wear business casual clothes from the waist up. We got through a year’s worth of holidays, some without family members present or present only through facetime or phone. We survived and thrived.

The virus would have been enough, but we also faced protests, riots, civil unrest, and an ugly presidential election. 2021 hasn’t been much better. A deep freeze descended upon much of the nation leaving destruction, death, and astronomically high energy rates in its wake. We are still here. For how long is the question.

Those who believe in end-times prophecies view the events of the past year as proof the clock is winding down, the end-times are upon us, and the return of Jesus is imminent. Many believe the United States is not part of the end-time prophecies, that we cannot be found in the Biblical account of the last days because the U.S. is destroyed and overtaken by foreign powers. I was one of those people for years and then left the church in search of God, of Divine Love outside the confines of religiosity. Until this past year, and specifically the last couple of months, I hadn’t given much thought to end-time theories. Now, I’m not so sure there isn’t some truth to the end-time prophecy theories. Has the beast been released? Time will tell. 

In the meantime, spring is around the corner, the songbirds are singing in the trees, families are strolling through parks, and the sounds of children playing can be heard again. Beast or no beast, pandemic aside, we survived…..

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