Bridging the Divided

Seek Within…..

I have a Facebook friend who describes himself as a recovering Catholic. The first time I read it, I chuckled. Is there a support group for recovering Catholics like there are for addicts and other kinds of ‘holics’? Enquiring minds want to know. 

Religion has always been fascinating to me. Why does anyone hold specific beliefs or participate in religious rituals? Why are people willing to die for their religious beliefs? I guess because we believe we are right and everyone else is wrong. Why else would we be willing to die if not to defend our beliefs? But, is that what God intended? I don’t think so. 

People are leaving the church, outgrowing their need for institutional doctrines and religious rhetoric. I didn’t say we were outgrowing the need for God, for belief in a higher power, for Divine Love, however. We are all a part of a higher power, of Divine Love. It’s part of who we are, it’s woven into the fabric of humanity, whether or not we choose to believe.

Christianity is one of the three major world religions. Is it the one, true religion because it says so throughout the Biblical text? The truth of the matter is, we really don’t know exactly what Yeshua (Jesus) said while he wore the clothes of humanity. The Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John were written a hundred or more years after the fact, and not by the named authors. To complicate matters further, the Lost Gospels were found in 1945 in Nag Hammadi – the Gospels of Mary, Peter, and Thomas, among others. Which are the true Gospels? The Lost Gospels are not believed to have been penned by the named authors either and were written years after the fact, as well. Is it possible the truth is a blending of the canonical Gospels and the Lost Gospels? Who knows? I don’t, for sure. Some religious scholars believe the canonical Gospels in the Bible were chosen because they were being taught and were acceptable for the mainstream. The Lost Gospels, some believe, are elitist, and not meant for everyone. So is there or was there an elite group of people who have the scoop but aren’t sharing with the rest of us?

These and other questions swirl in my mind and spirit. I am a seeker. I lean heavily toward the teachings of Yeshua, but not from a religious standpoint. I want to know God, to know Divine Love, and by doing so, I will know Yeshua because I believe Yeshua was God experiencing life from a human perspective. For us to know God, I believe we must seek Divine Love. Divine Love resides within the spirits of humanity. 

We don’t need to be looking outside our spirits, what is innately born into each person. There isn’t an institution, or book, or building where God resides. Long before there were institutions, books, and buildings, God existed. God did not commission the first humans to go forth and build a church, nor did God ask either of the new creations to act as scribe. Why? Because it was already within them. Mankind is said to be fashioned in the likeness of God. The likeness of God did not change with the fall of mankind, with their screw-up in the Garden. God’s likeness is still, and always has been, within the spirit of every human. Seek, and you will find. Matthew 7:7…..

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