Bridging the Divided

Diva Dog…..

I have had various dog breeds over the years. Rottweilers, a Lhasa Apso, a Maltese mix, and now Yorkies. I loved and appreciated the unique qualities and lessons I learned from the dogs that have blessed my life. 

Yorkies, by far and in my mind, are the most interesting, and sometimes challenging, breed. Their personalities are so different. Kaiah is our fun-loving, never-had-a-bad-day-in-her-life Yorkie, Rowdie is the old, set-in-his-ways elder, Chardonnay, well there are no words, and Tasia is our diva dog. Truly, I hadn’t noticed how much of a diva Tasia was until yesterday. 

When we brought Tasia home two and one-half years ago, my husband was smitten – more smitten than I have ever seen him. He adores them all, but Tasia captured his heart. She knows it, too. Before I got home with her, he had gone to the store and bought a baby blanket for her. Yes, you heard right, a pink baby blanket. As we settled down for the night, he nestled her in the new blanket and tucked her between us. All of our dogs sleep in our bed with us. Positioning ourselves around them each night can be a bit of a challenge. 

Tasia joined us in late summer, early fall. The nights got a bit chilly at times and to make sure Tasia was comfortable, my husband put her on a slightly warmed heating pad. At first, Tasia wasn’t a consistent eater. We were concerned because of her small size and the possibility of low blood sugar levels. I reached out to our breeder who advised baby food offered on a baby spoon. Off to the store, my husband went, returning with a variety of the recommended baby food and a selection of baby spoons. Diva in training. 

Fast forward to yesterday. My husband had gone to work and I to my home office. The dogs took their preferred places. Midmorning, Tasia came prancing into my office barking, demanding my attention. Lest she think I wasn’t responding quickly enough, I stopped what I was doing and turned toward her. Our bedroom is across the hall from my office and once Tasia had my attention, she turned and pranced across the hall into the bedroom. I didn’t get up fast enough to suit her, so she pranced back into my office to remind me I needed to pick up the pace a bit. This time I followed her into the bedroom. She looked up at the bed, back at me, and up at the bed again. The heating pad was atop the handmade quilt we received as a Christmas gift last year from my husband’s parents. The message was received loud and clear – diva dog wanted me to put her on the bed, more specifically, onto the heating pad and turn it on. Dutifully, I obeyed. Tasia circled a couple of times and curled up into a little ball. Satisfied that our little diva’s needs had been met, I crossed the hallway back into my home office.

Can she get up onto the bed herself? Yes. She can get down, too, although prefers to bark until someone lifts her majesty from the bed and places her on the floor. What can I say? Tasia, the diva dog, is living the dream…..

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