Bridging the Divided

Food, Water, And A Bit Of Love…..

Much of the country is in the midst of a deep freeze. Indeed, unappreciated weather in our neck of the woods. We are not used to temperatures this cold. The forecast doesn’t look much better in the coming days, either. Every morning for the past several mornings, I tote wood from the woodpile into the house and start a fire. I liked watching Little House on the Prairie. I didn’t care to experience it, however.

Our dogs like the subfreezing temperatures even less. Three of the Yorkies reluctantly cross the threshold from a warm house onto a snow packed deck and pad their way to the glistening snow-covered lawn. There are no dawdlers. They do their business and race back to the deck and stand in front of the door doing their little four-legged dance. No doubt their pads are smarting from the sting of the cold snow. I suppose I could get some doggy snow boots. I cannot quite wrap my head around putting booties on sixteen pair of Yorkie feet, however. 

Kaiah, the fourth Yorkie, prefers to do her morning chores in the comfort of our warm house. They are all potty pad trained, as well. The difference between Kaiah and the others is that Kaiah proudly looks up at us, front paws firmly planted on the potty pad while the business end does its thing on the floor. Halfway is better than nothing, right? 

Not so surprisingly, the number of times the Yorkies want to go outside these days has decreased since the warmer days we had just a week or so ago. Midafternoon, Kaiah still wants to brave the frigid temperatures and chase a ball or two. And, a ball or two is all it is before she prances her way to the door, snow-covered ball in her mouth, ready to go back inside.

Each time they go outside, I bundle up, slip into my snowboots, and accompany them into the deep freeze. Rowdie and Kaiah are so small, I am forever on the lookout for hawks and other birds of prey, rain, snow, or shine. I have seen too many stories on the news and Facebook about small dogs snatched from their yards. A few times, an overly confident hawk has flown too low for my comfort level while I was standing nearby. Too, coyotes can be a problem. On many summer nights we can hear packs of coyotes yapping in the distance. Our yard is fenced, but I refuse to take chances. 

Once inside the warmth of hearth and home, I remind our fur babies that not all animals are as blessed as they are. It breaks my heart to think about animals who are forced to suffer the elements because of the thoughtless cruelty of their humans or other unfortunate circumstances that befall.  

Genesis 1:26 says, “Then God said, Let us make humankind in our image, in the likeness of ourselves; and let them rule over the fish in the sea, the birds in the air, the animals, and over all the earth, and over every crawling creature that crawls on the earth.” (The Complete Jewish Bible) God gave responsibility for the animals, to Adam, to humankind. Some versions say God gave Adam dominion over the creation. Dominion, responsibility, whichever word we choose to use means humankind are to care for and respect the animals God created, to care for and respect all of creation. Caring for animals means we provide them shelter from the elements, food and water. During these frigid days and nights if you find an animal in need, please bring them in from the cold and give them food, water and a bit of love…..

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