Bridging the Divided

Adventure Is Spelled K-A-I-A-H…..

I’ve considered writing a children’s book called Kaiah’s Adventures, except I know nothing about writing children’s books nor about publishing. From what I understand, it’s a hard gig, at best. Not that I look for the easiest path; I don’t. Let’s say I’m challenged in the nuances of the literary publishing world, and I don’t have thousands of dollars to toss toward self-publishing a book. I’m a few years from retirement. Maybe publishing will be what comes next. After all, Grandma Moses started her painting career when she was nearly eighty, so I figure I have a few years yet.

Back to Kaiah’s Adventures. If you have read some of my blogs about our Yorkies, I have shared some of Kaiah’s antics. Kaiah sees life as an adventure. Some people, and animals, too, come into this world seeking adventures. Some of us like life a bit more routine, perhaps even a little boring at times. I’m somewhere in the middle, as are our other three Yorkies. Sophie Belle, our Tuxedo cat, will occasionally indulge Kaiah in an adventure. Typically that means Kaiah will jump on Sophie’s back and take her down as if Sophie were big game in the Outback of Australia. No worries, Sophie can hold her own with Kaiah, even when Kaiah leaps onto Sophie’s back. Sophie rolls onto her side, stretches out in the way felines do, and bats Kaiah on either side of the head when Kaiah darts this way and that, around Sophie’s face. Neither seems to care who is declared the winner. 

One evening while running water for a bath, (Remember the bath debacle because my young brain took charge of my aging body?) I left the bathroom momentarily to grab a towel from the hall closet. The bathwater was tepid, at best. I planned to adjust it after I stepped in. Kaiah ran down the hallway, ball in her mouth, and into the bathroom. I suspected she would drop the ball into the bathtub and I would find her with front paws on the bathtub lip looking over the rim at her ball floating atop the bathwater. Not quite. Kaiah had jumped into the bathtub to retrieve her ball and was standing inside the bathtub, front paws soaked, positioned on the bathtub lip, water dripping over the rim onto the floor. Her little face, drenched but triumphant with the equally-soaked ball firmly held in her mouth, looked up at me when I walked through the door. What else could I do but burst into bowl-full-of-jelly laughter? Tears rolling down my cheeks and still laughing, I bent over and lifted her out from the bathwater and used the towel I had just retrieved from the hallway closet to dry her. 

Who knew our tiny four-pound wonder dog could jump into the bathtub? I also learned relaxing and bath would never again appear in the same thought or sentence. I stepped into the tub, adjusted the water temperature to induce relaxation, and laid back thinking I would be left to soothe my aching muscles. Immediately the still-soaked ball was lobbed into the bathwater. There it bobbed for a moment, then Kaiah, again positioned with front paws on the bathtub lip, looked at me and let out the faintest of whimpers. Our pets talk to us, you know. While not in our native tongues, their point is gotten across. I was expected to retrieve the soaked ball from the bathwater and toss it out of the tub. Sure, why not. I gave the ball a toss. The ball bounced and rolled to a stop against the cabinet opposite the bathtub. Water sprayed and splashed as the ball sailed through the air and onto the floor. Game on. 

The water cooled and I was ready to step out. A puddle of bathwater had accumulated on the tile floor, but water can be wiped up. My formerly aching back muscles a bit more limber, I easily bent over to wipe away the evidence of a new game Kaiah had invented to keep herself and me entertained…..

Laughter is good for the soul

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