Bridging the Divided

God Moments…..

We had five-plus inches of snow recently. When I opened the back door for the dogs to go out that morning, only two took me up on the offer; the two oldest. They decided a little snow wasn’t going to stop them from relieving their bladders. The two younger ones decided the potty pads would do nicely. I get it. Sometimes I don’t want to deal with the world beyond my door either. 

Once the sun was up, I donned my Ugg boot knock-offs, swept a path from the door to the deck steps, and cleared a small patch of grass. The answer from the two youngest Yorkies was still no. Later that day, I donned my boots again, bundled up, and shoveled a larger patch of snow down to the grass. While I was at it, I shoveled a path out to the woodpile. Why not? We needed wood for the fireplace, anyway. This time all four Yorkies ventured out onto the deck, and three ventured out onto the recently cleared patch of grass. Progress.

The afternoon sun shone brightly, the air crisp with no wind; a beautiful winter day. A new year had begun but I wasn’t feeling renewed; mostly I felt overwhelmed. I tossed a ball onto the freshly shoveled grass and Kaiah ran after it. She wasn’t keen on the feel of the wet ground and occasional patch of snow beneath her paws. Kaiah trotted back toward the deck, ball in mouth. Tasia, on the other hand, decided to race across the untouched blanket of snow. Zoom, zoom, she darted this way and that, occasionally all four legs disappearing into the snow along with her snout. Up Tasia’s head would pop, tossing the glistening snow into the air. Kaiah stood on the deck steps watching Tasia zoom around the yard. Not to be bested by her older half-sibling, Kaiah sprinted from the deck into the grassy area. I tossed a ball into the snow to see what she would do. As suspected, Kaiah raced to retrieve the ball, realizing after the fact the ball was buried under the snow. Not to be deterred on her mission, Kaiah dug at the small indention where the ball landed. She plunged her tiny head into the snow, grabbed the ball in her mouth, and triumphantly trotted to the deck, her face covered in snow. Game on! My husband and I laughed as we lobbed ball after ball into the crisp, white snow for Kaiah to retrieve. Simple, easy fun with our dogs, just playing in the snow. The cares of the world silent for the few minutes we played. 

We all need times when we shut and lock the door to the cares of the world. We need times when we can laugh and play in the fresh air and sunshine, even during the winter. A brief respite ministers to our weary hearts and minds, renewing our resolve to overcome the trials we face. Refreshed, we can unlock the door and let the world’s cares tumble out, once again. 

I call spontaneous moments like these God moments. They come out of the blue when we most need it and least expect it. We don’t need to be in church to experience God moments. God is with us, every moment of every day. When we recognize God in the little things, the cares of the world seem a little less burdensome…..

2 comments on “God Moments…..

  1. Lesley (the English one) 😉

    I love how the dogs enjoy snow. Ours do too. Dogs can teach us so much about enjoying life whatever age we are. The photo is just great! 😀


    • Thank you for reading and commenting. I can’t take credit for the picture but yes, it is a great picture! Someone said dog is God spelled backward. I agree – because dogs really do teach us about life, love, gratitude, mercy, and forgiveness. They are God’s representative on earth.


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