Bridging the Divided

Humans Wrapped In Fur…..

Sometimes I think our dogs are people wrapped in fur. Dogs are sentient beings and so much more intelligent than they are credited. Dogs, and animals in general, exhibit human-like characteristics that humans often overlook. 

Kaiah, our youngest Yorkie, invents games. Did you know dogs did that? I hadn’t given it much thought until Kaiah came along. She loves to play fetch, but she also plays other games that keep her occupied. For instance, Kaiah will fetch a ball, drop it into a shoe, push the ball toward the toe of the shoe, then try to get the ball back out of the shoe. She will also trot down the hallway with a ball in her mouth, crawl into the cubby where my husband keeps his house slippers, drop the ball into a slipper, and then carry the slipper around in her mouth. Lately, when I shower, she tosses a ball into the shower stall. Why she does this, I haven’t a clue. 

In the morning, after the dogs have been fed, I sit down on the sofa and tune into the local news. The dogs, all four of them, breakfast in their tummies, pile onto my lap and snuggle in. Kaiah does not snuggle in for very long, however. When I pick up my phone to check emails, Kaiah jumps onto my chest and gets between me and the phone. If I try to move the phone above her or to the side, she positions herself thusly so that I cannot see the screen, successfully separating me from the electronic handcuff, otherwise known as my phone.  

Her older half-sister, Tasia, likes to play zoomies occasionally. Usually, Tasia is the more reserved of the Yorkies, an old soul, really, who observes life and prefers to remain aloof. Now and again, a switch is flipped in her canine brain and the zoomies take over. Zoom, zoom, zoom, around the yard. Bless her heart, she tries to get the others interested but isn’t always successful. During the times when the others join the fun, Tasia uses the chaise lounge on the deck as a home base. The others seem to know this and attempt to entice Tasia from the chaise lounge to resume the game. 

This morning we have five inches of snow on the ground. No zoomies or games outside today. When I opened the door to let the Yorkies out, all four stood at the threshold, looked outside, then up at me as if to say, “What do you think we are? Dogs?” Perhaps they are thinking humans wrapped in fur…..

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