Bridging the Divided

Thank God For Our Pets…..

I don’t know what I would have done this past year if we hadn’t had dogs. A lot of people adopted pets this year, and why not? No one alive today has ever been through a pandemic requiring mask mandates, businesses to be shut down, and skyrocketing unemployment rates. We hoped for a reset as we ended 2020 and looked forward to 2021, but a reset doesn’t look promising. Thank God for our pets.

Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful to work from home, but it doesn’t make life any less stressful. Remote workers don’t get to leave their offices and go home; we just change rooms. We are isolated despite Zoom meetings, disconnected from the familiar work-a-day life. That alone is stressful. And the reality that this is the new norm is settling in. Thank God for our pets.

Our pets are intuitive creatures, and when we are stressed, they pick up on the vibes. On those days when my mind needs a break, I take my dogs outside to play. It’s amazing how refreshing a short break in the sunshine and fresh air can be. Watching the dogs chase a ball is rejuvenating. When I return to my home office, my mind is clearer, and I am more relaxed. The dogs are, too. Thank God for our pets.

God has provided for everything in our lives. Some days that is harder to believe than others. I like to think that when Adam and Eve messed up and got thrown out of the Garden of Eden, God sent them on their way with a loyal and faithful dog by their side. Whether we are being thrown out of paradise or in the middle of a pandemic God provides. Thank God for our pets…..

2 comments on “Thank God For Our Pets…..

  1. They bring such a lot of love and joy!


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