Bridging the Divided

My Absolute Happiness…..

“My idea of absolute happiness is to be in bed on a rainy day, with my blankie, my cat, and my dog.” Anne Lamott

Anne Lamott is a writer, public speaker, and political activist, and she isn’t wrong about absolute happiness. I’m not much for lying in bed, but as far as I am concerned, the sofa is where it’s at whether I am writing, reading, or watching a television program. As long as my dogs are on the sofa with me, all is right in my world. There is just something serene about a dog sitting by one’s side. And when one of the dogs wakes from their peaceful slumber and looks into my eyes, my heart melts.

Working remotely has made me into somewhat of a recluse. Normally, I have little need for social interaction, and since COVID, even less so. As the COVID positivity rates rise in nearly every state, mine included, the thought of going outside the security of the neighborhood feels like a gamble and the odds aren’t in my favor. My husband works second shift, so we are like two ships passing in the night, my children are going about their own lives, and my family of origin lives hundreds of miles away. Sure, we all stay in contact through phone calls, texts, SnapChat, and occasional visits, but the majority of my time is spent in the company of our four Yorkies, one cat, and a fish. When the world feels like it is falling apart, the comfort of my home makes me feel safe. 

Do you talk to your pets? I find myself carrying on conversations with our dogs, cat, and Beta. I will start worrying if I slipped over the edge when the conversations are no longer one-sided. Our cat’s name is Sophie and the Beta is named Black Sake. Sophie Belle is a highly vocal, gorgeous, long-hair black and white Tuxedo cat, and Black Sake is what else? A black Beta. I got hooked on Betas a few years back. The first was my daughter’s. She named that Beta Sushi. She has since moved out. She and her fiance have started a small zoo of their own; dogs, cats, rabbits, Betas, and other varieties of fish. Successive Betas followed in our home; Sashimi, Wasabi, and now Black Sake. It was unintended but we have a Japanese cuisine theme going. The next one may be named Teriyaki, or Tempura. 

Every morning when the alarm clock rattles me awake from restful slumber our dogs wash my face with morning kisses. Once up, we all go outside so they can relieve themselves. Owls and coyotes have been known to snatch Yorkies; no one goes out into the dark alone. An unsuspecting possum was in our yard one pitch-black morning as we all tromped outside. I’m not sure who startled who more but am sure the possum had an entertaining story to share with his family about a screaming overprotective Mama Bear in her fuzzy robe and slippers. 

Welcome to my absolute happiness….. 

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