Bridging the Divided

Just Good Common Sense…..

Aging. Let’s face it, it sucks and it’s not for the faint of heart. At this point, I am not ready for the alternative either. As I see it, aging leaves us with two choices; accept aging and the bag of goodies that goes with it or consider aging the enemy and kick and scream our way through it. I’m too old for kicking and screaming my way through anything. Given my propensity for clumsiness, I would get hurt. Acceptance it is! Easy enough to say, not so easy to do. 

The problem with aging is that our minds don’t age at the same rate as our bodies. My mind is younger than my body by a good 20 years, but when I look in the mirror, well that is an entirely different story. So is getting up in the morning. Once upon a time I could bound out of bed; not so much these days. Bones, joints, and various other parts put up quite a fuss. Eventually, the bones and joints loosen a bit, the discomfort subsides, and I can pretend I am 40 again.

I never have been much for exercising. In retrospect it would have been a good idea. I see these 70 year-old women whose bodies are trim and fit and a bit of jealousy prickles, but it’s not their fault. I had as much opportunity as they to be a gym rat. Life is all about choices. It’s not that I didn’t exercise, mind you. I walked, still do, did aerobics back in the day, bought all the latest exercise videos and DVD’s, and now I tune into YouTube exercise programs designed for those of us who are a bit longer in the tooth, less agile, but still want to stay in the game. My favorite is ZdancerLiz. She has a Senior Dance Fitness channel for 50+ year-olds. Liz and I Zumba and exercise to the oldies and more modern tunes, sometimes with weights, most every day. She’s cool. Check her out. She has a dog that wanders into the video from time to time. I think it annoys her just a bit, but I love it, being dog crazy, and all. Every time her dog barks, mine start barking, too. 

Aside from the daily challenges of aging, one perk is accumulated wisdom. If we pay attention at all on our journey through life, we learn a thing or two. A clarity develops over time, some of us realize the things that divide us really shouldn’t. Differing political views, religious convictions, or the lack thereof, needn’t be a point of contention between families, friends, communities, and the country, as a whole. Letting political views, religion, or anything else for that matter divide us is destructive. Sure, we can disagree, but let’s agree to disagree, respect the views and opinions of others, at least make an attempt to see life from another’s perspective. Truthfully, I don’t care if someone is a Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, a Catholic, Methodist, Buddhist, Islamist, atheist, black, purple white, or green. The essence of who we are has no political affiliation, no color, race, or religion. We are all spirits who wear the clothes of humanity for a short time in the light of eternity. If you are a good person and live life without the intent to purposefully or willfully hurt another, you are my friend. 

I like what Yeshua (Jesus) said in Luke 10:27, “You are to love Adonai (the Lord) your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength and with all your understanding; and your neighbor as yourself. (The Complete Jewish Bible). The Golden Rule is even simpler, “In everything, do to others what you would have them do to you. . . .” (Matthew 7:12 New Revised Standard Version) You might be surprised to know the Golden Rule is found in many religions around the world; Christianity cannot lay sole claim. From my vantage point, wisdom tells me that is just good common sense…..

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