Bridging the Divided

Love Has Four Legs Times Four…..

I am dog crazy, the crazy dog lady. I’m pretty sure my husband thinks I like the dogs more than him. I told him the other day we should never break up because the dogs will suffer. He agreed. We are well-matched, he is as crazy about our dogs as I am. 

This is how great my hubby is: while I was away visiting family for a week he switched his work schedule to work the first shift instead of his usual second shift. I work remotely now, so the dogs are used to having me home most of the time. My husband and I decided it would be easier on the dogs if he worked during the day and was home in the late afternoon and evening. And, they got more spoiled, if that is even possible. Trips to get ice cream, trips to the pet store for new sweaters, and one of those squishy, comfy dog beds that are supposed to reduce stress. 

The day I arrived home, I walked through the door to see four jumping, barking, happy dogs. My heart overflowed. My hubby had homemade white chicken chili and fresh cornbread waiting, too. Bonus! It was nice to visit family and spend some precious moments catching up, but home is where the heart is and it is always good to get back home.

Dogs have personalities like humans, and our Yorkies have very distinct personalities. Rowdie, our oldest, is a grumpy old man. He is still quite spry for his years, but very set in his ways. He will let you know when you have stepped across the line. Chardonnay, our oldest female, is the matriarch believing it her duty to keep the younger ones in check. She is very attached to me, experiences separation anxiety when I walk to the mailbox and back, and is set in her ways, as well. Bedtime is at 8 p.m. regardless of what I am doing. She lets me know loud and clear. Chardonnay will jump off the sofa, walk down the hall to the bedroom, and turn around to see if I am following. If I am not, she repeats this routine until I do follow. Tasia is laid back, so much so, that she never barked for the first year of her life. She takes everything in stride, wears her feelings on her face, and keeps her affections to a minimum. Not too many kisses, lest her fur parents become spoiled. Kaiah, our youngest, lives life to the fullest. She has never known a bad day in her year-and-a-half of life. Kaiah lives to fetch balls indoors and outdoors, and when the others are barking at something in the backyard, she will follow suit with no idea in the world what or who she is barking at. She bounces around, turning her little head this way and that, barking into the air. These were the four heartbeats of our home that met me at the door when I returned from my travels.

I was surrounded by joyful barking and puppy kisses. It doesn’t get better than that! The greeting that surprised me, however, was Tasia’s. She was ecstatic and ran about the house doing the Yorkie happy dance. Neither of us had ever seen her quite so animated and expressive; we laughed and enjoyed the display. What had gotten into her is anyone’s guess. She missed me, that much was clear. Since she has made sure she is snuggled close beside me as much as possible. In our house, love has four legs times four…..

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