Bridging the Divided

Knowledge Is Power…..

In a couple of days, America’s voice will be heard, at least, that is the idea. For several months now, we have been bombarded by campaign ads, billboards, rallies, debates, and Town Hall meetings. Many state and federal seats are open for election and the competition is fierce. Since COVID, I have avoided Facebook for the most part because of the ugliness, misinformation, and controversy, and now I avoid it because of the ugliness, misinformation, and controversy surrounding the election. Never in my sixty years of life have I experienced such hostility associated with an election. Families and friendships have been harmed, some irreparably so, over opinions about the candidates running for office. 

Now we are hearing cities are gearing up for the possibility of violence and riots due to the election outcome. Businesses are boarding up, people are purchasing guns and ammunition, to what end? Do we really want a civil war? 

The campaign ads I have seen in two different states are all the same. The Democratic candidates are bashing the Republican candidates, and the Republican candidates are bashing the Democratic candidates. I have not heard what the candidates on either side stand for, just what the competition does not. How are voters to decide? Do we base our votes on sound bites, rhetoric, which candidates are better at bashing? All the while, the American public is pitted against one another. What we seem to forget is that no one elected official in any capacity can single-handedly pass or abolish any legislation. We have checks and balances in place. We are a Republic, a government governed by the people who elect officials to represent their interests. That is what makes this country different from monarchies and dictatorships, but we are acting as if whoever is elected will set their own agenda and act on it without input from the people. And it will be so if we do not understand what the candidates we vote into office believe is best for this country. We got brief glimpses during the last presidential debate and the Town Halls but did we hear enough to make quality decisions?  The campaign ads we hear during every commercial break or see on Facebook are manipulated by media advisors who cleverly piece together bits of information that, more often than not, are inaccurate, but we believe are true. I don’t like being manipulated, lied to, or deceived. 

Before casting your vote, please take a moment and find out what your candidates believe, what exactly their plans are for COVID, the economy, and the future.  Get information from reputable sources, not from biased media outlets. Knowledge is power. Voting from emotions is dangerous ground. And, do your part, as an American, to maintain civility and peace, regardless of the outcome. We will be okay. Violence and civil war is not the answer…..

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