Bridging the Divided

We Are Like The Animals We Choose…..

To say I am dog-crazy is an understatement. But, I am in good company. Several celebrities are dog-crazy, Jennifer Garner, Chris Evans of Captain America fame, and Michael Phelps, to name a few. 

People identify as either dog people or cat people. Studies show the personality traits of dog vs. cat owners are different. Research suggests cat owners are more creative and anxious than their canine owner counterparts, whereas dog owners are thought to be more secure, less likely to take risks, and extroverted. And, the more affection cat and dog owners have for their pets, the more neurotic the owners. 

Neurotic? Affection for animals is equivalent to a functional mental disorder characterized by chronic anxiety and instability? I beg to differ. Although researchers deem fur parents somewhat unstable, neuroticism benefits our pets, according to the researchers, mainly because the attention focused on our pets makes us ‘helicopter’ fur parents. The particular article I read said more research is needed. I would certainly hope so! My children, at times, have lovingly mentioned I may have been a ‘helicopter’ parent, now I am a ‘helicopter’ fur parent? That’s not all bad, is it? Does that sound neurotic? 

Other studies show differences between large and small dog owners. Large dog owners tend to be gullible. Owners of smaller dogs, like Pugs and Chihuahua’s, are seen as creative and overly sensitive. I have owned both large and small dogs; does that mean I am creative, overly sensitive, and gullible? I am not comfortable with that combination of personality traits either!

Researchers suggest dog owners match their personality traits, and probably quirks, to the dogs they choose. I love Yorkshire Terriers; currently, we have four.  Generally, Yorkies are intelligent, independent, spunky, courageous, affectionate, determined little dogs with a lot of common sense. They are not the prima donna’s of the canine world as their outward appearance often suggests. Yorkies are recognized as one of the working-class dog breeds, preferring a no-nonsense, straightforward lifestyle. Yes, I put bows in our Yorkies’ hair and dress them in clothes occasionally, I am one of those Yorkie owners, but the description of their personality traits is accurate. Personality traits I like to believe I share with them. Personality traits I can live with…..

4 comments on “We Are Like The Animals We Choose…..

  1. Not sure I would agree with that, I have both rescue cats and rescue dogs. My own dog is a canine extrovert who loves everyone canine, feline or human, I am an introvert. I think I identify more with dogs but I probably have more in common with one of my cats. Interesting.


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