Bridging the Divided

If Only The Important Stuff Mattered…..

Dogs are how people would be if the important stuff is all that mattered to us.” – Ashly Lorenzana

Humans focus on the wrong stuff. Finances, or the lack thereof, politics, work, comparing themselves to others, and criticizing others, to name a few. Dogs focus on gratitude for the smallest blessings.

Kaiah, our youngest Yorkie, wakes up happy every morning, throws every ounce of her being into playing, eats with exuberance, sleeps soundly, and is the picture of happiness. The other day as I was tossing the ball down the hall for about the hundredth time, and watching her delight in catching it, I commented to my husband that I will never be as happy as Kaiah is every moment of every day. Why do I say that? Because I, like many of us, allow the unimportant stuff to matter.

Life is a blink in terms of eternity. And yet, we tend to focus on the things that have no eternal value. For example, developing and nurturing relationships take a back seat to the unimportant. The relationships we have with others are the only thing in this world we will take with us into eternity.

We recently made the difficult decision to euthanize our rescue dog, Sammy. Sammy had been abused by his former owners. Despite the mistreatment he had endured, he was able to move on and appreciate the life he had with us. Sammy was part of our family. Sammy loved life, and Sammy loved us. He loved to play, and eat, and was grateful for any kindness. I miss that silly dog. 

We could learn a lot from our furry family members. Dogs are grateful for food, an opportunity to go for a walk, or play in the park, a pat on the head, or a snuggle when they settle in for the night. Gratitude for the smallest blessings is important….. 

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