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Fishing – The Go-To Hobby Of The COVID Summer…..

Fishing. The hottest hobby of the COVID-19 summer. Who knew fishing would become so popular?

When my brother and I were growing up, our grandparents or other relatives visiting from outside the state would rent a cabin for a week or two during the summer months. The lazy days of summer were filled with hanging out by the dock, fishing, and dipping our toes in the cool waters of the northern state we called home.

During the summertime of my youth, my grandpa took me fishing. I have fond memories of fishing with my grandfather. We would fish along the shore or row out into the deeper waters of the lake and catch a nice mess of sunfish, bluegill, or an occasional bass. My grandpa would pack a cooler, dig worms out of the garden, gather his tackle box, rod, and reel, ready the old cane pole for me, and off we would go. I wasn’t much for baiting my own hook back then, I’m still not. Cleaning fish wasn’t my ‘thing’ either. Mostly, I liked being with my grandpa. He wasn’t much of a conversationalist, but I didn’t mind. Listening to the sounds of nature is its own kind of conversation. Sometimes he would explain the subtle nuances of fishing as he effortlessly cast his line into the placid lake waters.

Recently, my husband and I took a respite from weekend obligations and went fishing. Like my grandpa, my husband gathered the fishing gear and packed a cooler. Our worms were purchased and I have my own rod and reel now, but the nostalgic feelings associated with fishing burbled to the surface. Once our lines were in the water we sat on the dock chatting about nothing in particular, enjoying the warmth of a June summer day, and watching for our bobbers to duck beneath the lake waters. We didn’t catch any fish, maybe next time. 

The kids of yesteryear didn’t have video games, computers, or smartphones. Simpler times meant simpler pleasures, like fishing and hanging out with family and friends, or doing nothing in particular. I’m glad fishing has made a comeback. One day memories of baiting hooks and watching bobbers break the water’s surface during the summer of COVID will be the stuff of stories shared with the next generation of young people…..

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