Bridging the Divided

The Center Of Their Universe…..

Isn’t that what we all want? To be the center of someone’s universe? And, with our dogs, we are the center of their universe without even trying.

When I found “A Dog’s Job”, the Kardashian’s and most celebrities immediately came to mind.  It’s scary how attached we become, especially young people, to those who purposely put themselves in the limelight. People spend hours vicariously living through these less than talented, self-centered, individuals, but what exactly do they contribute to the world?  When my girls were younger they couldn’t wait for the next episode of the Kardashian’s.  

Those of us who are blessed to own dogs know we are the centers of their universe. Much of their lives are spent waiting for us to return from work, shopping, even from the backyard. Stepping outside to get the mail, dogs greet us as if returning from being away for weeks.

Working from home the past few weeks, I have spent many hours in the company of our dogs. In the middle of the afternoon, our habit is to take a short break to walk in the park. The days are warmer now, and few, if any, people are out and about. Together we can enjoy the solitude, the gentle breeze, and the beauty of nature emerging from winter’s hibernation. When its time to work from the office again, I will miss our afternoon respites.

Kaiah, our youngest Yorkie, will be one-year-old this month. I am grateful for the extra time spent with her. Recently, she started learning to walk on a leash. At first, she was quite timid, opposite from her usual exuberant personality. She discovered the world was much larger than her backyard. And yet, she trusts me to watch over her. Every few steps, she turns her tiny face upward and catches my gaze, making sure I am still by her side. 

At night, when bedtime draws near, all five of our dogs head for the bedroom. Four of them jump onto the bed to take their places and settle in until dawn breaks another day. All curl close, taking care to always touch one of us; the centers of their universe…..

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