Bridging the Divided

Everything I Needed To Know I Learned From COVID-19…..

I hope beyond the COVID-19 crisis, long after the stay-at-home orders expire, and when life has settled into the ‘new normal’, we can look back and see and appreciate the good things that came from an otherwise not-so-good situation. 

How we see situations in life, and life in general, is largely a matter of attitude. The glass-half-full, half-empty thing. Some will look back and see more bad than good, and some the opposite. Here are a few things I hope we learned:

  1. Life is precious
  2. Nothing lasts forever
  3. Kindness goes a long way
  4. God is not confined to a building
  5. Family relationships are important
  6. Teachers are underpaid and underappreciated
  7. Hoarding toilet paper has no purpose
  8. Imagination and creativity are still alive and well
  9. We all suffer from COVID hair – it isn’t fatal
  10. Freedom should not be taken for granted
  11. Blessings are found in the small things in life
  12. Government leaders have clay feet just like the rest of us 
  13. Heroes are not athlete’s and celebrities
  14. Life need not be lived at a frantic pace
  15. No one should die alone
  16. Pandemics occur about every hundred years and will continue to do so
  17. We are not as resilient as our grandparents or great grandparents
  18. Not everything is essential, a lot of things are luxuries
  19. We all know how to wash our hands now
  20. We may never know if Carol Baskin killed her husband
  21. Facebook and other social media outlets are not reliable sources of information

Much of the country is in the process of deciding the best and safest ways to open, some are already opening. We will walk this road together since no one alive today really knows the best ways to handle any of this, including our leaders. It has been new territory for all of us. Mistakes will be made, lessons will continue to be learned, and we will rise from the ashes…..

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