Bridging the Divided

The Creative Side of COVID-19

Lots of creative people out there living their best lives in the virtual world. We are adapting, a good sign. People still have their sense of humor. A few dark commentaries find their way into social media but we still have freedom of speech even if we cannot go outside our homes except in pursuit of essential items. 

Sassy memes, DIY patterns for colorful facemasks, and creative ideas to make memories in the midst of a worldwide crisis abound. I saw a story about a young couple whose wedding was nearly sidelined by COVID-19 but their friends lent a hand. The bride wanted to walk down the aisle but it saddened her to think the church would be empty. The couple’s friends crafted lifesized cardboard cut-outs of people and placed them in the church pews. Clever! Another news story highlighted a nursing home on lockdown playing a real-life game of Hungry, Hungry Hippo with residents, wheelchairs, balls, and nets in the facility activity room. How fun is that! And, thankfully the top infectious disease doctor with whom the nation is now on a first-name basis finally settled the argument to mask or not to mask. Universal masking is currently in vogue, more fun words to add to our growing vocabulary bank. It will be interesting to see the creative patterns and fabric masks donned by those venturing out in search of the elusive toilet paper roll. Perhaps toilet paper needs to be on the endangered list? 

I am getting a bit concerned about our pets, mainly our dogs, when the crisis draws to a close and life returns to what I suspect will be the new normal. What will they do? Go through furparent withdrawal? Ours are loving the stay-at-home orders. Furparents are available 24/7 and our furbabies are reciprocating by showering us with sloppy, wet kisses and entertaining us while we attend virtual conferences ensuring their opinions are heard by all. In return, we are providing them with comfortable laps to nap on throughout the day and many more opportunities to accompany us to the bathroom. The pack mentality is a powerful force in the animal kingdom. The COVID-19 crisis may have ended a lot quicker if we had the pack mentality of canines. Tell one canine stay-at-home orders were issued and the alpha dog would send out the alarm and packs would follow their leader. It works for accompanying us to the bathroom. Every. Single. Time.

Netflix is our when-the-world-is-crazy go-to. Check out Facebook. Lots of suggestions for what to watch, what isn’t worth watching, and the occasional spoiler alert for popular shows. Binge-watching has been elevated to an art form. And why not? One can only listen to the constant COVID-19 reporting so long without being driven over the edge of insanity. Socialization is limited so the characters on Ozark, Outlander, and The Great British Baking Show are now part of my tribe. I get excited checking in on Paul Hollywood and his amateur bakers vying for the coveted “Star Baker” and rare Paul Hollywood handshake. I talk to the characters regularly now. As long as they don’t answer back I figure I’m ok. Haven’t watched Tiger King yet, from what I’ve heard, I’m still on the fence.

It’s kind of freaking me out we don’t have access to hair salons. My hairdresser advised her Facebook clientele to resist the urge to use boxed color during the crisis and warned me to just say no to scissors. Why was I singled out, reputation notwithstanding? And who knows, the mullet may be making a comeback…..

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