Bridging the Divided

The Power Of Dog Cuddles…..

Are there really any bad days when we can come home to a dog? When I walk through the door and see little faces looking up at me, tails wagging, excited I am home, the stress of the day melts away, my spirit refreshed.

Our world, of late, is turned upside down. Uncertainty abounds. We are in the midst of a pandemic. No one alive today remembers the last true global pandemic that occurred in 1918. The current COVID-19 pandemic is new territory and we are figuring it out as we go. The first words of any newscast and most words thereafter are about COVID-19, the death toll, the number of new cases, new information, the latest closings, a nation on the brink of total shutdown. Panic has set in, store shelves are bare, toilet paper is a rare commodity, and people are hoarding the strangest items. What is it with toilet paper? Quarantine for those exposed or infected is two weeks, not two months. And even if we go into mandatory sheltering in place we will be able to go to the grocery store. It’s a respiratory virus, how much toilet paper could one use in two weeks? When will it end? It’s anyone’s guess. 

Our bodies, minds, and spirits are overwhelmed, the stress and constant panic are taking their toll. People need their pets more than ever. Walking the dog or playing in the backyard provide needed diversions to work off excess stress hormones released from the barrage of COVID-19 information. We are so saturated in fear, so acclimated to the abundance of stress hormones floating around in our bodies raising blood pressure and tensing muscles we are scarcely aware of their effect. Divine Love provided the key to relief in the form of a furry creature capable of calming simply by its presence.

I am grateful every day, and now more than ever, for wet noses, big brown eyes looking into mine, filled with trust and devotion. As I stroke the soft fur of our furbabies the stress falls away and I am reminded we will get through this…..

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