Bridging the Divided

Grateful Dog Mom…..

May you wake with gratitude on your lips and lie in peaceful slumber with gratitude in your heart. 

I love ‘A Human’s Prayer To A Dog’. It’s a reminder of the simple things dogs do that bring joy to our lives. Do you ever think about how blessed we are to share our lives with our pets? 

We have five, count them, five dogs; four Yorkies and one Maltepoo. And when two of our children are home there may be as many as seven dogs running about vying for the attention of their humans. All ages, sizes, and personalities. Anyone who doesn’t believe each dog has their own personality has never truly known a dog. I say, ‘known’ because it is possible to own a dog and not truly know them. For some, a dog is a possession, not a family member. I must say I don’t understand that mindset but to each his own.

Each time I walk through our front door I am greeted by barking furbabies wagging their tails and dancing on their hind legs hoping to be the first to get a pat on the head while I try to fully get into the house and put my bag down. It doesn’t matter what kind of day I had, how much traffic clogged the interstate or how many chores await my attention, a happy, dancing pup brightens my day. And, off we go to play fetch in the backyard.

It seems silly to say, but when I am away I miss each one of our furbabies. Truthfully, I don’t much like the idea of traveling anywhere to stay for any length of time if at least one or two of our dogs cannot go along. And more and more, there are signs on store doors stating only service dogs will be allowed, so taking one along to grab a couple of things from a store shelf is becoming less common. I get that some people have allergies dogs may trigger, or a few people take advantage of the privilege of their dog accompanying them to a store, but let’s face it; allergens are everywhere and most dog owners who take their furbabies with them are responsible people. There are those few who ignore the posted signs. I see dogs tucked under their human’s arm or sitting on a blanket in a shopping cart and no one has asked them to leave. Unfortunately, I tend to be a rule follower.

Are we blessed to be dog parents? Yes, we certainly are. I cannot imagine my life without little wet noses, wagging tails, snuggling close for the night, or watching them play with one another. I am truly grateful each one of them shares their life with me…..

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