Bridging the Divided

Make Time For Friends…..

We were out with friends this past Sunday afternoon and evening. We went to a local pub and sat on the patio enjoying the late afternoon sun, had a couple of drinks and appetizers, then to a nearby bowling alley/pizza place. I don’t think we have gotten together with them since Christmas. Time flies, doesn’t it? Here we are days away from spring and to think we haven’t connected since Christmas is sad in our increasingly disconnected world.

Catching up with one another the conversation centered around what has kept us all occupied; work mostly. I don’t think at the end of our lives any of us will be regretting not working more. So, why do we concentrate our time and efforts on earning a paycheck rather than with friends and family who enrich our lives? It’s kind of backward, isn’t it?

I heard a story on the radio about ‘Friend Coaches’. Plenty of people use Life Coaches to get their lives in order physically, emotionally, and spiritually and pay big bucks to do it. Anyway, the offspring of Life Coaching seems to be Friend Coaching; teaching people how to be a friend and find friends. In my head, I’m thinking, “seriously”? But in reality, it makes sense. The Millenials seem to be the group most likely to use a Friend Coach. Many are finding themselves without much of a social network after college, entering the business world, and becoming workaday people like their parents. We tend to move away from our childhood friends, outgrow them as we develop other interests, settle in new cities, and take on the responsibilities of adult life. People tend to have casual conversations with others they work with, chat with while at the gym, or the neighborhood coffeehouse, but are missing the camaraderie of close friendships. Dating has degenerated into swiping left or right so younger people aren’t out there mingling and conversating like we were back in the day.

Whenever we get together with our friends we talk about planning a game night or attending an upcoming local event, but somehow the planning never seems to happen. Maybe it’s time to put a little more effort into the people in our lives so we have memories rather than pay stubs…..

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